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Hybrid Human (Proposal for Docuseries)

(Post # 10 in the series 'Amyon and the Awakening -- A Hero's Journey')  The mainstream definitions for 'hybrid human' or 'animal-human hybrid' refer to an entity that incorporates elements from both humans and animals.  I am a human being that has extraterrestrial 'elements' incorporated into my physical body.  Without knowing any of the documentation listed below, many lightworkers in recent years have looked at me and instantly gotten the impression that I am an 'ET hybrid'.   This documentation is not arranged in a particular order, and I am not presenting a clear vision for a docuseries; however, what is happening with my body and my reality -- to my knowledge -- has not been featured on TV -- and it's fascinating.  I am a sober healthy 61-year-old man who has never been diagnosed with any kind of mental or emotional disorder. Everything I share in this proposal is true to the best of my knowledge. I have at least 4 living extr

Urban Exorcist (Proposal for Docuseries)

  (Post # 9 in the series 'Amyon and the Awakening -- A Hero's Journey') I have an unusual ability to perform deep shamanic healing, or exorcisms, and help individuals and groups of people purge and release attached entities & darkness. Many participants in my healing events cough, belch, moan, cry, or speak in tongues, and their bodies convulse & shake as the entities are being exorcised from their bodies & energy fields. Clients who participate in ayahuasca ceremonies often say my sessions are like medicine ceremonies in terms of purging, receiving visions and connecting with spirit guides and other dimensions. The purpose of this series is to awaken people and give them tools to deal with energetic attachment/possession in their own lives. Energetic possession, entities, demons -- are real. It's far more common than people think. It's actually the human condition -- we all have some amount of darkness attached to us, affecting our lives. And many peo

Io Uyzuy -- A Healing, Dance, Exercise & Yoga Modality for Everyone

  (Post # 8 in the series 'Amyon and the Awakening -- A Hero's Journey') This amazing modality combines energy healing, dance, yoga, mudras, breathwork & vocalizing -- all guided by Spirit. Io Uyzuy is pronounced Ee-Oh-Oo-Ee-Zoo-Ee. Spirit took my hand and tapped out the letters on my laptop keyboard; that's how I first received the name of the practice. In this video clip, I demonstrate the Io Uyzuy mat practice: You develop the practice at your own pace; what you see in the video clips is where my practice is after 4 years of 'playing with Spirit'. Here are the different ways I practice & use Io Uyzuy: * Healing -- It is a full spectrum practice that heals disease, activates higher abilities and detaches entities. It works in person or by remote, any distance. And I use this practice to clear my own energy field multiple times a day. * Dance -- I danced in musical theater, and I was a go go dancer in night

Krishna, Paul, Lincoln, Gandhi & Me

  (Post # 7 in the series 'Amyon and the Awakening -- A Hero's Journey') Over the years Spirit has said I'm a living embodiment of Krishna, and that my past lives include Paul the Apostle, Abraham Lincoln & Mahatma Gandhi. At age 36, I began receiving prophecies from mediums & psychics that I will 'speak to the masses and heal the masses on a global scale'. In recent years, I've worked with many clients who had past lives connected to either Gandhi, Lincoln & the Civil War, the 'Bible Days' and the Crucifixion -- and some clients were in all 3 of these time periods.... and more. A man I went to high school with has been obsessed with the assassination of Lincoln since we were in high school. He always felt he was 'there' in some capacity, but could never quite figure out who he was or how he was involved. The reason he could not see clearly is because he was John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's assassin. I figured this out in recent

Creator Gods, Illuminati & Reincarnation -- Part 4: Nazis & World War 2

  (Post # 6 in the series 'Amyon and the Awakening -- A Hero's Journey') I have not kept exact accounts, but I've given the Nazi reading to well over 100 clients and colleagues, perhaps closer to 200. A few examples: I did a phone session with a client in Wales, and I received images of her as royalty in the U.K., possibly a past life as a queen of England. Before I gave her the message, she said, "Oh, I want to let you know that I was a Nazi in World War 2." I had not yet gotten a message or images about WW2 for her, but I got a strong 'yes'. She told me more about that lifetime -- that she was a closeted gay man in a relationship with another closeted gay Nazi. I gave her the message about her being royalty in one or more past lives, and she confirmed it and again gave me details about her life as a queen of England. This young woman has an extraordinary psychic ability. I worked at a spiritual center in St. Petersburg Florida every 3 months in 2015