Io Uyzuy -- A Healing, Dance, Exercise & Yoga Modality for Everyone

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This amazing modality combines energy healing, dance, yoga, mudras, breathwork & vocalizing -- all guided by Spirit.

Io Uyzuy is pronounced Ee-Oh-Oo-Ee-Zoo-Ee. Spirit took my hand and tapped out the letters on my laptop keyboard; that's how I first received the name of the practice.

In this video clip, I demonstrate the Io Uyzuy mat practice:

You develop the practice at your own pace; what you see in the video clips is where my practice is after 4 years of 'playing with Spirit'.
Here are the different ways I practice & use Io Uyzuy:
* Healing -- It is a full spectrum practice that heals disease, activates higher abilities and detaches entities. It works in person or by remote, any distance. And I use this practice to clear my own energy field multiple times a day.
* Dance -- I danced in musical theater, and I was a go go dancer in nightclubs, which is highly liberating, but this practice -- letting Spirit move through me -- is showing me how to dance and move in surprisingly new ways. Also, Io Uyzuy can be incorporated into dance performances to have a powerful impact on audiences.
* Yoga -- I was never a dedicated yoga student, but I've attended perhaps 50 classes over the years, and been exposed to a number of different yoga modalities. Io Uyzuy is different and beyond anything I've experienced in a yoga class.
* Weightlifting -- I've worked out at gyms since I was 19. Now, after I complete each set of weights, Spirit directs me to do a bit of Io Uyzuy, to clear & balance energies, because energy moves when we exercise. Incorporating Io Uyzuy into my workout allows me to work out as hard as I did when I was younger, and avoid injuries.
* Mudras -- Mudras are traditionally taught by rote; diagrams show how to position the hands and fingers to achieve the mudra. With Io Uyzuy, the mudras simply flow -- the positions and the sequences are far too complex to be learned by rote.
* Breathing -- Most humans do not breathe deeply and fully, so breathing is taught in yoga & breathwork classes. With Io Uyzuy, Spirit just makes you breathe, whether it's deep breathing, rapid short breaths, holding the breath and then releasing -- I just let Spirit breathe me.
* Singing & Vocalizing -- I used to have difficulty singing on key, holding a note, reaching higher notes, etc. By letting Spirit move my voice, my vocal range has expanded, the sound is clearer and stronger, I can hold notes a long time, and the range of sounds coming out of me is wild.
* Daily Life -- I've always been quite self-expressed, but this practice -- having Spirit with me, in me & moving through me all the time -- is making me even more playful, animated & connected -- to people, nature, everything -- whether I'm at the grocery store, walking down a street, hiking in the woods -- I simply feel more alive and more me.
I'm introducing Io Uyzuy at this point in my story, for two reasons:
1. I've shared about prophecies, creator gods & past lives, but what matters most is who we are now, and what we are doing to make the world a better place. I am honored to receive this practice from Spirit to bring to the people.
2. In the previous post, I discuss my connections with the Hindu gods and the sacred dances of the Indian culture. The mudras and certain movements in the Io Uyzuy practice mimic the Hindu sacred dances.
More about Io Uyzuy:
* Io Uyzuy is channeled, or guided, by our 'Spirit guides', and our own higher selves, as distinct from being created, choreographed or designed by the person practicing the modality. We can all channel the spirit world. Our Spirit Guides may include the Ascended Masters, ancestors, plant spirits, animal totems, the rock & crystal kingdom, e extraterrestrial 'star family' & other sentient beings.
* Io Uyzuy is activated & developed simply through practice. It is not taught or learned by rote. The movement, the expression of emotion, and the flow of energy come from within, and are also channeled and guided by our Spirit Guides. Feeling our feelings & processing emotions is an integral or core component of the practice. Io Uyzuy, like Reiki and other modalities, is also imparted, activated & passed on from the master to the student; however, this is not required to develop the practice.
* The Io Uyzuy mat practice is a daily exercise that continually evolves, challenging one to go further, open more, be in the moment, surrender ego & be spontaneous.
* Spirit works with the physical conditions & limitations of each person channeling Io Uyzuy. I'm 61, and I have issues with my right ankle, and a couple of broken ribs -- Spirit is conscious of these issues and respects my body.
* I encourage people who are interested in the practice of Io Uyzuy to be proficient in at least one yoga modality first.
* I believe we each access our own unique healing power by being Love, living a clean & pure life, following a strong spiritual path, being of service, and by stepping up as community leaders. Read about my approach to Powerful Practices here:
* The Io Uyzuy modality has been consistently downloaded, activated & developed in my body and healing practice, by my Spirit Guides, since 2009. The Io Uyzuy page on my website details my personal journey with this extraordinary modality.
I will facilitate Io Uyzuy workshops, some of which will be streamed live on FB.


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