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Celebrity Appearances in my Cosmic TV Series

(Post # 12 in the series 'Amyon and the Awakening -- A Hero's Journey') I believe Earth is like the plotlines of The Hunger Games, The Truman Show, Under The Dome, etc -- we're on TV being watched by a massive intergalactic audience. Earth is a huge TV network with tons of programming. I must be one of the stars of a very popular show, because a lot of famous people have made cameo appearances in the episodes of my life -- or my TV series.  A renowned New York medium, Alexander Murray, held Tuesday night groups in his Manhattan home for decades. The first time I attended, in the late '90s, when Alex got to me he said, "All the Hollywood movie stars who have passed to the other side are swirling around you. I have never seen anything like it -- and I've had lots of actors in my groups." Ironically, I have yet to succeed in the entertainment industry. I've never been in a Broadway show or national tour, still have not sold my screenplay, have not got

The Secret Society of Palm Beach (Proposal for Docuseries)

(Post # 11 in the series 'Amyon and the Awakening -- A Hero's Journey') This docuseries will expose the global elite -- billionaires, politicians, celebrities -- and the satanic rituals they conduct in Palm Beach County -- and worldwide. This subject matter has been explored recently in the documentaries 'Out of Shadows', 'Fall of the Cabal', 'Adrenochrome' and more. These documentaries, and the series I am proposing, go far beyond the Jeffrey Epstein case and the docuseries presented recently on Netflix.The approach we will take is distinct from others, as we will employ the psychic community to 'divine truth'. I have consulted with more than 30 psychics in Florida, in groups and 1-1, who have all confirmed the reality and the details of my investigations in Palm Beach County. My investigations have already yielded suspects and witnesses, detailed in the 'Specific Documentation' section below. There are many people in Palm Beach Co