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I believe Earth is like the plotlines of The Hunger Games, The Truman Show, Under The Dome, etc -- we're on TV being watched by a massive intergalactic audience. Earth is a huge TV network with tons of programming. I must be one of the stars of a very popular show, because a lot of famous people have made cameo appearances in the episodes of my life -- or my TV series. 

A renowned New York medium, Alexander Murray, held Tuesday night groups in his Manhattan home for decades. The first time I attended, in the late '90s, when Alex got to me he said, "All the Hollywood movie stars who have passed to the other side are swirling around you. I have never seen anything like it -- and I've had lots of actors in my groups." Ironically, I have yet to succeed in the entertainment industry. I've never been in a Broadway show or national tour, still have not sold my screenplay, have not gotten my one-man show produced, and was only an extra or bit player on TV -- but for whatever reason, the producers of my reality have filled it with famous people and used my life as inspiration for both Broadway & TV -- all of which serves as circumstantial evidence that my reality is indeed staged or scripted by higher forces.

There are also patterns with the celebrity appearances, like '6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon'. Several of the listings below are arranged in order to demonstrate this. 

OK here's a chunk of my 'Cosmic TV Reality'.............  

Madonna knelt in front of an audience and removed my shoes & socks, in '88, when she was the most famous pop star in the world. I was in the middle of doing a striptease she'd hired me to perform for Jennifer Grey, the star of Dirty Dancing. 10 years later I became the 'king of the gay foot fetish scene'. 10 years after that I began channeling the Ascended Masters -- and the Mother Mary is the being I channel most frequently in front of audiences. 

I did a strip job in Broadway producer Martin Charnin's home, for a bunch of famous people, and Joel Grey, Jennifer Grey's father, told me my comic timing was some of the best he'd ever seen.

Joel Grey & Liza Minelli won Oscars for Cabaret. Liza Minelli hosted a private penthouse party for me & 2 other apprentices from the Burt Reynolds theater -- because she had magically 'missed us' backstage after her show. 

Burt Reynolds hugged me, wearing only boxer shorts. I was walking backstage past his dressing room, he was standing in front of me, and we just went for it.   

Walter Kronkite wore my boxer shorts on his head. This was at the 21 Club in New York, in front of many of the top news anchors on TV. 

Dick Cavett smashed an egg in my underwear. 

RuPaul magically 'ran into me', just the two of us, alone, on the West Side Highway, so I could tell him about my screenplay 'Go Go' and the role I had written for him.   

Bruce Willis gave me the evil eye. It was on the set of Die Hard 3. Some movie stars get pissed when there's an extra on the set who looks like them. Bruce and I were about the same size and build, and that day I was wearing a white tank top & jeans, just like Bruce.  

Zelda Rubenstein, the exorcist from Poltergeist, told me about her role in the film before the film was released. 30 years later I became an exorcist. 

Richard Simmons gasped at me. I was a food binger and sugar addict in my 20s. I was stoned one afternoon and I had just bought a big piece of chocolate cake and walked out of the bakery. A white limo pulled up in front of me and Richard Simmons got out, dressed in a white sweat suit, looking like the TV exercise angel that he was. I skipped up to him and shoved the chocolate cake in my mouth. Richard gasped and said, "Oh my God, I don't know how you can do that and look so good." I laughed and skipped down the street. Later in life I conquered my addictions, am now a health guru and want to be the next Richard Simmons on TV..... but with a broader spectrum approach to health and well being.  

I stepped on Stephanie Mills' toes (Dorothy in The Wiz). 

I stepped on Mikhail Baryshnikov's toes -- in the exact same spot I stepped on Stephanie Mills' toes -- one week later.

17 years later, I sat next to Baryshnikov in a West End theater in London, for Long Day's Journey Into Night, then walked backstage to Jessica Lange's dressing room with Baryshnikov & Pedro Almodovar. 

Sir Ralph Richardson, who starred in the film of Long Day's Journey Into Night, hung out with me while I vacuumed a restaurant.

My first home in New York City was Florence Henderson's apartment. Just for a month, a stroke of luck, a free invite from her daughter Barbara Chase, because Florence was in L.A. I had planned to stay with friends way out in Queens then suddenly I'm living in a fabulous midtown highrise, looking out over the city, as the guest of 'America's Mom'....... Carol Brady of the Brady Bunch.   

Tony Bennett opened my taxicab door for me. People hailing a taxi do not step off the curb and open the door when a passenger is getting out; they wait. It would be rude and pushy to open the door, people just don't do it, and I don't recall it ever happening again. I had just recently moved to New York, was living in the West Village, had not familiarized myself with the subway system, so I took a cab to midtown, was getting out at 57th St. and 6th Ave -- when suddenly my door was opened by Tony Bennett -- grinning at me and holding his other hand out wide at the city, like, "Welcome to the big apple!" I was speechless, got out and he got in and rode away.  

Alan Bates got me through customs at Gatwick airport when I lost my passport. This story is one of my best pieces of evidence my life is staged by higher powers. In 1981, after graduating from FSU, I moved to London, met Conrad Monk, 46, owner of a European chain of stores called Knobs & Knockers, and he invited me to stay in a guest room in his home for a couple of months. One evening every week or two, Conrad's best friend from prep school would come over for drinks & chat, and we'd all swap stories. Conrad's friend was British film star Alan Bates. I moved back to the states to pursue my acting career, was in New York in the mid-80s and decided to take a vacation to London and then on to Ibiza, the Mediterranean island resort off the coast of Spain. I picked dates, went to a travel agency and purchased airline tickets. Then it occurred to me to call Conrad and see if he'd be in London when I was there. Conrad told me he'd be traveling around Europe with Alan for a couple of weeks -- and then we figured out we were going to be in Ibiza on the exact same dates, and not only that, but that we were flying back to London on the same flight. So the vacation I first thought would be a fun little solo trip to a gay island resort turned into a way more fun & fabulous adventure with a movie star paying for all the meals & drinks, and us being surrounded by hot guys because of Alan. Here's where the story gets interesting -- on the flight back to London, instead of Conrad & Alan being seated together and me being seated somewhere else, my seat was next to Alan's, and Conrad's seat was in another section. As we approached London, the flight attendants instructed us to fill out customs forms and have our passports ready to show. It was then that I realized I had left my passport in the hotel in Ibiza. Looking back now, I have no recollection of how I got on an international flight without a passport. When we got to customs at Gatwick Airport, Alan paused and scanned the customs agents, until he found the perfect target -- a woman he knew would be charmed by his movie star status. His charms succeeded and actually got me through customs in London without a passport.     
I coached Olympic swimmer Dara Torres about fueling her body properly before her 5th Olympics. This story is another excellent piece of evidence my life is staged by higher powers. In 2007 my right rotator cuff was torn, leading to a frozen shoulder, so I had almost no use of my right arm. The surgeon said I would most likely need surgery, but I was determined to heal myself holistically, so I did a lot of green juice cleansing, physical therapy, and participated in 15 ayahuasca ceremonies over 9 months. I saw the doctor 3 times, and each time he was impressed. On the 3rd visit he said, "If you come back one more time with even more strength and mobility, I'm going to say you don't need surgery and get out of here!" Then I saw Dara Torres on ABC news; she was the "Person of the Week". Dara had won 11 medals in 4 Olympics, held 3 world records, retired, had a baby and at 40, decided to come out of retirement, shoot for one more Olympics -- and she won 1st place in the nationals -- making her the oldest swimmer to ever be on an Olympic team. I had never heard of Dara, but I was blown away and instantly made her my 'recovery idol'. My shoulder was strong enough at that time I had resumed biking, so every day on my bike ride, for a week, leading up to my 4th visit with the doctor, I chanted, "If Dara can do it, I can. If Dara can do it, I can." The day of my appointment with the doctor, in Coral Springs, Florida, I was chanting that phrase as I walked into the doctor's office -- and there was Dara Torres standing in front of me -- because she lived in Coral Springs, we had the same doctor, and she also had issues with her right shoulder! We sat across from each other in the waiting area; there was a younger man with Dara, another Olympic swimmer. I waited a couple minutes, then I introduced myself and told them how I'd seen Dara on the news and was chanting her name for inspiration -- and then we compared our shoulder problems. I shared the protocol I was following -- green juice cleansing and ayahuasca -- and Dara's teammate got excited and said, "That's what our coaches want us to do -- green juice and a greener more alkaline diet!" Then he playfully smacked Dara on the thigh, and she said, "Yea, I know I know........ but I love my A & W root beer floats." When I heard that, I took the coaching further and gave Dara more info about the benefits of the greener diet, live enzymes, the impact on energy level, cutting out refined sugar, etc. -- and then I was called in to see the doctor. He said I was 100% good and not to come back unless I needed to. On my way out, Dara told me she was really glad she'd met me, and I said the same & wished her the best in Beijing, where she won another Silver medal and set another world record.  

I was alone with John Kennedy Jr. on the subway; we were the only two people in the subway car. It was 1am and I'd just gotten off a catering job on the Upper East Side. John was drunk, passed out and had about 15 shopping bags from fancy stores. I woke him up when the train got to Prince St.; I knew from the media John was a student at NYU and lived in SoHo. The curious thing is -- why was the son of a president, this wealthy young man -- 'the most eligible bachelor in the world' -- on the subway alone instead of in a cab or limo? We met a 2nd time years later -- I was a waiter for a wedding in Central Park, and John came back to the waiter's station, instead of ordering from the guests' side of the bar -- and the waiter's station was always mobbed with waiters picking up guests' drink orders -- but not when the two of us were there -- and we stood there next to each other for about a minute before either a bartender or another waiter showed up -- so it was obvious 'they' were doing it again.

Andy Warhol took pics of me -- at Roy Cohn's townhouse in Manhattan. Estee Lauder told me all her troubles one night on the phone -- while I was staying at Roy Cohn's estate in Greenwich, CT. In 1986, I had an affair with Roy Cohn's handsome young blond assistant and life partner, Peter Fraser, while Roy and my partner Richard were battling AIDS. We met at the gym, fell for each other instantly, and both needed a fun & sexy diversion from the tragedy of our personal lives. We agreed our partners were our first priority, so we had a great little love affair, and our partners had no problem with it. Richard & Roy died within a month of each other, and Peter and I ended our affair at the same time. Tony Kushner wrote the Tony award winning play Angels in America based on this part of my life. I've never met Tony Kushner or anyone associated with the production of Angels in America, and I have no idea how Tony heard the story. I did not know the story of Angels in America when I purchased tickets to see both parts, the full production, 7 1/2 hours, in one day. This is where the 'synchronistic evidence' comes into the story -- For about a month before I attended the show, I kept ending up in the hot tub at my health club with the exact same stranger, a white man in his 20s, just the two of us, 4 or 5 times. We never made eye contact or spoke to each other, but at night as I was falling asleep, I repeatedly saw images of the guy in the hot tub -- which seemed odd because I was dating men and working in gay night clubs; there was no shortage of men in my life to fantasize about -- so why would this stranger occupy my thoughts? The day I attended Angels in America, as I approached the theater, I saw the life size images of the cast of the play on the building -- and there was the guy from the hot tub in one of the pics. That spooked me a bit, and then the show began, and I realized the story was about me & people in my life -- and that the stranger from the hot tub, Dan Futterman, was playing the character loosely based on me. I saw Dan the next day at the gym, told him I'd seen the show and that I had a wild story he must hear. He was receptive, and we exchanged numbers. I left a couple of messages but we never connected. Dan's had an excellent career, including being nominated for an Oscar for producing Capote.  

During the same time period, '85 - '87, I shared a house in Brooklyn with several guys in the entertainment industry, one of whom was Alan Ball. Angels in America premiered in 1993, and in 1999, just before Alan Ball won an Oscar, Golden Globe, etc. for American Beauty, he created a TV sitcom called "Oh Grow Up" -- about 2 straight guys and a gay guy sharing an apartment in Brooklyn. Alan is also gay and he was the primary inspiration for the character in his sitcom; however, when we lived together, my life was way more gay than Alan's, and I often entertained Alan with stories from my strip jobs & go-go dancing, being in gay theater, dating & sex, etc.  
And a playwright from my alma mater FSU wrote a play about a foot fetishist based on a story he heard about me -- but when he was told the story, my name was not included -- and the playwright knew me but did not know about my foot fetish. So he ran into me in a health club in Manhattan and told me about a play he had coming up in a one act play festival, all about a guy with a foot fetish. Then he told me the story that inspired the play -- the story about me. I told him I was the guy, and nearly fell over. I attended the performance, brought some foot guys with me, and my presence was acknowledged by the playwright. 

So that's a Broadway play, a one-act play & a TV sitcom. To be clear, however, none of the characters that appear to have been loosely based on me actually resemble me; it's just that incidents or aspects of my life have partially inspired theater & TV projects -- and all 3 in a span of less than 10 years. 

2 more possible connections with Alan Ball. In the first season of Alan Ball's 'Six Feet Under', one of the main characters, the daughter Claire, has a boyfriend with a major foot fetish. I've never asked Alan, but I think my foot fetish may have been part of the inspiration for that plotline. I met with Alan in L.A. during the 2nd season of Six Feet Under. We discussed many things; at one point I shared about my years with Landmark Education, the transformational seminar corporation, and the powerful experiences I'd had. I also told Alan I felt it was a cult and that I'd parted ways with them. The following season, Kathy Bates began guest starring on Six Feet Under as a friend of Ruth's, the mother -- and this friend was deeply involved with a transformational seminar cult and dragged Ruth into it. Could all be coincidence, but it appears I've inspired material for Alan Ball several times. 

In 1990, I performed in 'LucyFest', the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival, in Jamestown, New York, Lucy's hometown. This was the only out-of-town theater job I ever got in my brief career; it was actually my last professional stage gig -- and it was not a traditional regional theater gig, but rather a unique theater festival honoring a TV and film star -- yet another indication that I have some kind of cosmic connection with TV & film. The festival featured stand up comics & comedy groups all over town, reenactments of Lucy's famous grape stomping scene in the town square, and 9 new one-act comedies presented in the town's magnificent opera house. There was an extraordinary amount of media coverage for this little comedy festival, and the whole experience was a bit surreal. I was in 3 of the new plays, and one of them is the reason I share this story. It was an intellectual comedy about the German playwright Bertolt Brecht  being on trial for the content of his plays. I did not get it, it was over my head -- but that was OK, because my part was quite simple, and not really connected to the rest of the plot or characters -- I was an alien who lands in the middle of their trial and delivers a monologue to the audience asking humans to simply be better beings, be peaceful, take better care of each other.....like that. The producers were going to have me in a space suit, rigged with wires to fly in from above, lit up with pyrotechnics -- but 2 days before we opened, the playwright showed up and told the producers they got it all wrong -- he intended for the alien to look like a normal human being -- so they nixed everything and had me walk onstage, dressed normally & deliver the 'alien peace monologue' to the audience. I got a round of applause every time -- because I spoke from my heart and they were deeply moved. 20 years later I began realizing I have living ET implants in my body and that although I look like a normal human, I am a 'hybrid human'......... or alien.... at least to some degree. I am currently pitching a docuseries titled Hybrid Human -- and the messages Spirit wants this alien to bring to the masses are similar to the monologue I delivered at the Lucyfest. 

In my brief career in the theater, there was a 2nd production that winked at my cosmic connection with TV. Choreographer and performance artist Jane Comfort cast me as 'Mr. Wonderful' in her show 'TV Love', a brilliant satire about contemporary culture's obsession with media, and the impact of media on society. My role as Mr. Wonderful involved me performing a strip tease 'for the people' to liberate the people sexually. 15 years later, in my 40s, I became the one of the most out, loud & proud foot fetishists in the world, and a global advocate for sex & fetish freedom. One interview, on 'Sex TV', a show not broadcast in the U.S., was viewed by over 200 million people on 4 continents. Then in my 50s I attained a higher level of 'Mr. Wonderful' by working with government agencies to stop terrorist attacks and uncover an international drug cartel. Now I'm working with a team of psychics to investigate the Illuminati, the global elite, their satanic rituals & corruption, up to the highest offices in the land. There is clearly a cinematic scope to my life, and I have not sought out these incidents -- my path is scripted by the gods and I'm being guided through 'the hero's journey'.

I had a brief affair in London with Roger Rees, when he was the star of Nicholas Nickleby, one of the most lauded stage productions of the 20th century. 2 years later, Roger was the 'Eminent Scholar' at my alma mater, the FSU School of Theater -- a position funded by Burt Reynolds. Then when Roger was on the TV show Cheers, as the wealthy Robin Colcord, there was a scene in which Roger walks into Cheers with a bodyguard, and his girlfriend Rebecca -- Kirstie Alley -- is standing behind the bar, and there's one patron sitting at the bar, with her back to the camera -- so just those 4 people in the scene. The bodyguard was Patrick Maguire, who I had also had an affair with -- at the Burt Reynolds theater. I was in a production of 'Answers' at Burt's theater, which starred Burt, several other big names....... and Kirstie Alley. I was already shocked to see two men I've had love affairs with standing next to each other on TV, along with Kirstie -- and then the patron at the bar turns around and it's Barbara Chase, Florence Henderson's daughter -- who I met at Burt's theater and then lived with in Florence's apartment in New York. All 4 people on camera were people I'd slept with, lived with or performed with. 

When we first met, Roger told me I was the real Nicholas Nickleby, not him. Nickleby was the quintessential Dickensian hero -- a noble & virtuous young man on a mission to 'bust the system' -- to expose and tear down the evil boy's school. I've worked with the CIA, FBI & Men in Black to stop terrorist attacks, I've uncovered a drug cartel that spans continents, and I am currently investigating the Illuminati of Palm Beach and their satanic rituals, because I was subjected to these horrors when I was in high school and at Burt's theater. Roger was right -- I am that Dickensian hero.  One more thing about Roger -- we were making out in his dressing room after the final performance of Nicholas Nickleby, and Judy Dench and Ian McKellan walked in on us, and we all had a good laugh.

A few years ago, I was sitting in JFK airport in New York, contemplating as to why all these famous people pop up in front of me. Just as my section was called to board the plane, I saw Suze Orman, the TV financial analyst, standing nearby. Then I turned and Tyne Daly was sitting next to me. I walked onto the plane and Vanessa Williams was sitting in the first row. All this could be a coincidence, and of course, there are a lot of other people around, so who's to say these famous people were 'popping up in front of Alan'? But here's what I see: All 3 of these women are systems busters. Suze is an out, loud, proud lesbian. Tyne was the first non-glamorous female cop on TV. Vanessa was dethroned as Miss America for doing a naked photo shoot, and 'showed them all' by becoming a TV/movie star & recording artist. 

I am also a systems buster, on a multidimensional scale, and this is why I'm assembling this documentation -- to do my part to bust the system and help us all awaken and ascend. There's another piece to this grand puzzle I'm documenting -- I've given past life readings to hundreds of clients & colleagues who appear to have been 'Illuminati' throughout history and in many cultures -- royalty, dictators & military leaders, composers, scientists, inventors, explorers -- and most recently, either Nazis & other WW2 figures.......... or Hollywood movie stars. And some of them already knew it before working with me. It's absolutely wild, and the details are as compelling as the documentation in this file -- I know the people who were Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Douglas Fairbanks, Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, Mozart, Beethoven........ Hitler, Goebbels, Stalin, Mussolini, Hirohito...........and a hundred more.  

This documentation is getting long, so I won't share more details, but -- I've also met, had little moments with, or been unusually close to all of the following:
Lillian Gish ('The First Lady of the American Cinema'), Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Cher, Dolly Parton, Barbra Streisand, Beverly Sills, Betty Buckley, Bernadette Peters, Yoko Ono, Madeleine Albright, Martha Stuart, Anna Wintour, Barbara Corcoran, Martina Navratilova, Annie Sprinkle, Alice Ghostley, Charlton Heston, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Mark Wahlberg, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman....... and more.

I'll close this with this one: I flew into Austin for a healing event, and a producer of the event sent her boyfriend to pick me up at the airport. We had not met, so as he drove through the desert, I inquired about his profession -- turned out he's an actor and was one of the leads on the series Under The Dome. 


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