Creator Gods, Illuminati & Reincarnation -- Part 4: Nazis & World War 2

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I have not kept exact accounts, but I've given the Nazi reading to well over 100 clients and colleagues, perhaps closer to 200. A few examples:
I did a phone session with a client in Wales, and I received images of her as royalty in the U.K., possibly a past life as a queen of England. Before I gave her the message, she said, "Oh, I want to let you know that I was a Nazi in World War 2." I had not yet gotten a message or images about WW2 for her, but I got a strong 'yes'. She told me more about that lifetime -- that she was a closeted gay man in a relationship with another closeted gay Nazi. I gave her the message about her being royalty in one or more past lives, and she confirmed it and again gave me details about her life as a queen of England. This young woman has an extraordinary psychic ability.
I worked at a spiritual center in St. Petersburg Florida every 3 months in 2015/16. When I first met the couple who owned the center, I told them they had come here from the Draconian Empire, an intergalactic empire regarded as one of the most dangerous and feared superpowers in the universe. Then I told them they had been Nazis in WW2. I've given this combination of messages to many clients and colleagues, leading me to believe there is a direct connection between the dark ET races and the dark destructive forces on the Earth plane. Then, over time, as I worked with the community, I found a fair number of people who had also been Nazis. Here are two examples that confirmed the readings:
* I told a man who was a Reiki healer that he'd been a Nazi, and he said, "That makes sense of my dreams. I've seen myself standing near Hitler."
* A couple were scheduled for a session, but the man did not show up, so I told his girlfriend that he had been a Nazi, and she said, "Wow. He's had nightmares his whole life about concentration camps, piles of bodies, all of it."
I had already told the owner of a spiritual center in New York that she'd been a Nazi, and it resonated with her. Now I was in a session with her husband, and I saw images of him being involved in the technology or science of fighter planes and spacecraft in World War 2. When I told him, he said, "Perhaps I was Wernher von Braun", then held his cell phone out to me, and showed me a pic of von Braun -- he had the pic ready to show me because he already knew about this past life.
I worked with a family in Connecticut -- 3 sisters in their 50s and their grown children. The 3 sisters were Nazis in their last life. As I was telling one of them, I also saw images of her niece and nephew being Nazis. The 21-year-old nephew is a gifted concert pianist. As the aunt was considering the message she'd received, she said, "Well Alan, 7 years ago I went to see an excommunicated priest from the Catholic church -- he was excommunicated because he could see things the church did not want him to see. He told me my nephew played the piano for Hitler." I told her I was getting the same message right at that moment. One night the 3 sisters and I were in the kitchen, talking about all this, while the nephew was in the living room, playing the baby grand. One of the sisters said, "What are we supposed to do with this information -- have a family gathering and talk about how we were all Nazis?" I said, "I have no idea what you all are supposed to do. I'm just the messenger. This is the first time I'm encountering a whole family who were Nazis. Maybe you should talk about it." I must say, these are all really lovely people, and 2 of the sisters are strong lightworkers. As the nephew's piano playing reached a crescendo, I looked at the 3 sisters and said, "Oh my god, this feels like a scene from The Witches of Eastwick" and we all laughed.
I told a colleague he had been royalty in Denmark during WW2, which resonated with him -- and then we figured out he was one of the European royals who gave financial support to the Nazi regime. Then I saw him participating in satanic rituals on the beach in Palm Beach, Florida. Together, we figured out it was the same lifetime -- he was a European royal who hung out in Palm Beach with the global elite, the Illuminati. As he considered all this, he then said, "Oh my god, I knew how the satanic rituals were conducted. I actually directed the sacrifice of children on the beach in Palm Beach."
I gave 2 Nazi readings on the same day, to two lightworks with the same initials. They scheduled their readings for the same day, and they said versions of the same thing -- they were feeling surrounded by darkness, not knowing what to do, and felt they needed to talk to me. When I told the first one, a nomadic hippie boy, that he'd been a Nazi, he said, "Yea, that feels right." The 2nd client was an older woman, a respected healer in New York. Before I could give her the message, she said, "I know I was Nazi in my last life." So I confirmed it.
A 63 year old ordained rabbi, who I have known for 30 years, hired me for a healing and a reading. Before the session, I got the message that she was a high ranking Nazi in WW2. I decided it would help if I explain the dynamic between me & my 'twin', and how hundreds of people who 'played for the dark side' have now 'switched over to the light' -- and that's why they are coming to me. But before I had to explain anything, right at the top of the session, she looked at me and said, "I know you are the one people call Y'shua." I just started laughing, and said, "Wow, how did you figure that out?" She said, "I just know." I said, "Well you just made my job easier"..... and I delivered the message about WW2, etc. She took it in, considered it, began crying and told me she'd been in denial, and that a professor in rabbinical school had told her she would have to 'deal with the dark past' at some point. Now we are.
My 'twin flame', or spiritual twin brother, was Hitler. Two of my other 'original brothers' were the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and Hitler's right hand man, Joseph Goebbels. Our 'original father' was Joseph Stalin, the premier of the Soviet Union. One of our 'original grandfathers' was Emperor Hirohito of Japan. So basically, a bunch of guys in my family orchestrated World War 2 while I was being Mahatma Gandhi. Now all 5 of these men are gifted healers; 4 have facilitated events with me, and 3 have toured with me.
I've told 2 people they were Winston Churchill; one of them, a young British woman who is an animal healer -- when I told her, she turned bright red, not just her face, her whole body turned red in seconds. And I know a man who appears to have been Franklin D. Roosevelt.


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