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Io Village (Proposal for Community & Docuseries)

In this docuseries, we will develop an amazing community called Io Village. To accomplish this, we will tour the U.S. with a camera crew and visit intentional communities, ecovillages & retreat centers, to learn the best techniques & practices for everything from green building & permaculture to tribal governance & conflict resolution.  We will employ the use of crowdfunding as we shoot the series -- viewers will contribute, investors will invest, and we may create a time-share opportunity. Conscious Corporate Sponsorship -- We will partner with businesses and products that are good for the planet and all the creatures living on it. This series will empower viewers to transform themselves, live healthier lives, and embrace the tribal, spiritual & holistic practices that the communities featured in our series are already living.     Design vision for Io Village:  * Location will be near a city with an airport in a state that is not prone to flooding, fires or hurrica