Creator Gods, Illuminati & Reincarnation -- Part 1: Garden of Eden, Bible Days, Popes, The Inquisition, Hindu & Greek Gods, Lemuria & Mu

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I've worked with hundreds of clients and colleagues who appear to have been 'persons of position and power' in past lives -- royalty, religion, military, the arts & sciences, etc. -- not in just one life, but in dozens of incarnations throughout history. Spirit calls these people 'creator gods', and says there are 2 million of us on the Earth plane. Spirit says every human being on Earth is a 'creator being' that has created at least one planet somewhere in the cosmos, and the 'creator gods' have created universes, multiverses, whole worlds, concepts, elements, arts, sciences, culture, etc.
Almost none of the people I've given this reading to are 'persons of position or power' now; in fact, many of us are struggling just to handle our daily lives, much less to fulfill our spiritual missions -- including me. I'm also finding these people are no different than anyone else, certainly not better than others, in fact, many have serious character defects -- duality, ego, narcissism, greed, sense of entitlement, lack of discipline -- traits from the past they have yet to shed.
The reason hundreds of 'creator gods' are coming to me is because I am a living embodiment of the 'Savior', and my 'twin flame' is a living embodiment of 'Satan'. We are not the only Savior/Satan pairing; there are others. This construct is explored in 'Amyeiks & Amyon, the Yin/Yang Twins'.
Clients & colleagues often ask, "Why do we need to know about our past lives? What's the point? How do I make use of this information?" It is up to the individual to determine the value and use of past life readings. That said, here's my response:
* Knowledge is power. The truth shall set you free.
* This is about karma. Knowing you've had power in the past indicates you have power now, and you probably signed a contract from spirit to step up in this lifetime and do your part to make the world a better place.
* This is about trauma and energetic attachments. If you've had a big impact on the lives of many, throughout history, then you have 'akashic baggage' -- energies to clear and higher abilities to activate.
* Spirit is bringing me a LOT of people with the same history, and directing me to give them these messages, so I believe this information serves a purpose.I want to document all this on film, and I plan to produce 'Family of Light' conventions to bring this tribe together, so we can collaborate and fulfill our missions.
The following are just a few of the hundreds of readings I've given clients and colleagues about past lives. I've chosen most of these because the information either comes from the client, or is confirmed & clarified by the client. I'm taking the work of Brian L. Weiss, M.D., author of Many Lives, Many Masters, to another level. The accounts are broken into 4 sections:
Part 1: Garden of Eden, Bible Days, Popes, The Inquisition, Hindu & Greek Gods, Lemuria & Mu
Part 2: Royalty, Emperors, Conquerors, Pharaohs, Presidents & Prime Ministers
Part 3: Hollywood, Broadway, Authors, Singers & Composers
Part 4: Nazis & World War 2
And now..... Part 1: Garden of Eden, Bible Days, Popes, The Inquisition, Hindu & Greek Gods, Lemuria & Mu
I have not had a permanent home base since 2010; I have been on a nomadic journey. From 2010 - 2013, Harbin Hot Springs, in the Napa Valley north of San Francisco, was more my home than any other place -- in between festivals & tours, I would pitch a tent at Harbin for several days or several weeks. I gave many free readings and healings at Harbin and met many lightworkers there. Over time, Spirit explained there are 5 'Gardens of Eden' of Earth, and northern California is one of them -- from Santa Cruz to Ashland, Oregon, from the coast to Yosemite -- and the waters at Harbin are the waters spoken of in Christian scriptures. In 2010, I took my twin flame to Harbin, before I knew what Harbin was, and before I realized that my twin and I are living embodiments of 'Satan & the Savior'. I thought we were just two guys, on tour as the 'Healing Brothers', but while we were at Harbin, I received a message that I was Adam & he was Eve. This seemed outrageous to me, but I kept getting the message, so I shared it with my 'brother'. He did a bit of muscle testing, looked at me and calmly replied, "Yup." He was not surprised because -- at age 19 -- he already knew who the two of us are, and he was not traveling with me to be my 'healing brother'. In an email he sent shortly after we parted, he admitted there were 'hidden agendas & ulterior motives' and said, "You will realize soon enough." Over time, truth unfolded -- my twin had been sent by the Illuminati to torture and kill me. Full info about the experience I had with my twin, and the messages I've received & had confirmed by many colleagues, about who we are historically, is in the document "Amyeiks & Amyon, the Yin/Yang Twins".
More encounters at Harbin Hot Springs involving ascended masters, gods & other galaxies:
* A lovely lady began chatting with me one afternoon, and casually told me she was from Mu. I'd never heard of Mu, so she explained that it's the first galaxy 'we' inhabited in this universe, and that it's mostly a water world of whales & dolphins & sea creatures. She also explained the theories about Mu being a 'lost continent' on Earth, and possibly being another name for the lost continent of Atlantis; however, she wanted to distinguish that the galaxy of Mu existed long before the Atlantean and Lemurian Earth civilizations. Several days later, another lovely lady told me she was from Mu -- and the two women were not acquainted -- so I introduced 'the ladies from Mu' to each other.
* Late one night, I was guided to the hot pool. There was only one person there, a tall handsome muscle man. Without speaking, we began mirroring each other, channeling sacred gestures with our hands and arms. Silence is observed in the hot pool, so we stepped outside to speak. His first words to me were, "I am Ra, the sun god." I said, "Blessings Ra, I believe you may also be one of the sons of the Archangel Metatron." He said, "Very possible." I said, "I think we should go to the temple; Spirit wants me to do an activation with you." He agreed, we went to the temple, and were joined by two friends. When I began channeling, Metatron came through me so powerfully the entire temple shook on its foundation. This was not a California tremor/earthquake, because the ground did not shake at all, only the building.
* In the following year, I met 7 more 'Sons of Metatron', most of them at Harbin. Like Ra, they were all handsome young men with an air of nobility about them, and when I told them about their connection to Metatron, almost all of them went into an altered state and felt a powerful presence of Spirit.
* I met one of the sons of Metatron at Burning Man 2011, and we became good friends. Then I realized he is also a living embodiment of one of the archangels, and when I asked Spirit who, my hand typed 'Jophiel' on my laptop. I knew little of the archangels at the time and had not heard of Jophiel. I told my friend and he accepted the message. I channel many ascended masters and other higher beings; however, after being 'introduced' to Jophiel, I noticed that Jophiel and Metatron were often coming through me at the same time, like a team. I told my friend, he did a bit of research, and found writings about Jophiel and Metatron being 'best buds' in the archangel realms.
* Mother Mary is one of my primary guides. I felt guided to offer a brief transmission to a woman I'd seen but not spoken to, and she accepted the offer. As Spirit moved through me, the woman began weeping and said, "I've been praying to be visited by Mother Mary, and now I can see her in front of you." We became friends on Facebook, and she recently told me she has never forgotten that experience. Within a week of that encounter, another woman who I'd seen but not spoken with stopped me one morning as I passed the bench she was sitting on. She said, "I have a message for you, from Mother Mary." I said, "OK, thank you." She said, "Mother Mary came to me this morning, as she often does, but this morning she said, 'Today the message is for that man' -- and I knew exactly who she meant. She said, `Tell that man I said thank you for all the work he's doing for me, and please tell him to remember that I can come into him in the subtlest of manners." I thanked her and moved on and we never met again.
More accounts of the galaxy Mu:
* On a tour of Florida, I worked in The Villages, the famous 55+ community near Orlando. I was in the home of a couple in their 70s, and told the man I was seeing him in the galaxy of Mu, and described a bit about the 'water world of whales'. After the session, he invited me and the sound healer I was touring with, to join him and his wife in the den, where he pointed to a framed poster on the wall -- a whale floating in outer space. He said, "We were on vacation and went into an art gallery, and there were no other customers, and the man behind the counter said, 'Oh it's you, you're here. Good, please come to the back.' We followed him to the back, he rifled through a stack of framed pieces, pulled this one out, and said, 'Here, this is yours, please take it, no charge. I've been waiting for you to show up for years.'"
* I worked with a community in Bluffton, South Carolina, and in a private session, told one of the community leaders that Mu was an important part of her history and lineage. The word Mu had no meaning for her, but the next day, she sent me a pic of a page in an open book, with one sentence circled -- about Mu. The accompanying message said, "After our session, Spirit walked me over to the bookcase, pulled this book out and opened it to this page. My spiritual teacher wrote this book. I read it several years ago, did not remember circling a passage about Mu -- because it meant nothing to me -- and I have not looked at it again...........until now."
* I worked at a healing center in Grants Pass, Oregon, December of 2011 through February of 2012, and worked with communities all over the area. Among them, I worked with 4 women, all over the age of 50, all healers, psychics & spiritual teachers, and 4 of them appear to have been queens of the sunken continent of Lemuria. The owner of the healing center, who I also lived with, told me that when she was a queen of Lemuria, my twin and I were her sons, the princes, and that one of us stabbed her straight through the heart.
My nomadic journey began in December of 2009 with a cross country drive from Miami to San Francisco. The first place I landed was a small Buddhist community in Berkeley called 'The Gompa'. On the Winter Solstice, Spirit spoke through me for the first time, and the first voice that spoke through me was 'Jesus'....Yeshua, or Yaweh. I do not follow any organized religion, certainly not Christianity, but when the voice spoke, I knew instantly who it was. I was doing a healing session with a resident, and Yaweh spoke to the man as if the man was a living embodiment of Mary Magdalene. Yaweh spoke of many subjects, for nearly two hours, and allowed other beings to speak, including the Russian spiritual teacher, Anastasia, of the Ringing Cedars Series, and an Irish sea captain, who said he built the Victorian house the little Buddhist community was living in. The reason I did the healing on my friend was because he injured an ankle in a martial arts class and was walking with crutches. During the healing, Yaweh instructed my friend to get up off the treatment table and walk -- with no crutches -- and he did it. The next day, my friend went to work -- without the crutches. Over time Spirit explained the house was built on the spot where the starship landed that brought 'the 144,000' to Earth from the Pleiades. Then Spirit said the 8 or 10 residents had all been disciples of Yaweh/Jesus, and that the man running the community, his girlfriend and one other woman in the house were 'the 3 Wise Men' from the Bible who 'followed the star' when 'Jesus' was born. Later on, Spirit said the man running the place is also a living embodiment of Lord Kuthumi. I searched Lord Kuthumi online and the first link I found acknowledged that Lord Kuthumi had also been one of the 3 Wise Men.
I told a client in Bluffton, South Carolina that I saw him involved somehow in the crucifixion of Jesus and the Christians. Then we went into the sound & energy healing portion of his session. Afterward, he told me during the healing he received clear images of himself as a rich Jew on the hillside, watching the crucifixion from a distance, with his family and friends.
I visited the Pandora Healing Center in Hawthorne, New Jersey for a week of work 4 times a year in 2015/16, and realized quickly that many members of the community were involved in different ways in the Bible Days and the crucifixion. Two clients confirmed my readings:
* A woman in her 70s sat in front of me, in her Chanel suit, quite upscale -- and I saw clear images of her as one of the Roman soldiers who crucified the Christians. I was hesitant to tell her, but I did, and she leaned forward, placed her hand on my knee, and said, "That's alright dear, I've been told this before."
* A 45-year-old mother of 5-year-old triplets wanted to discuss some very significant real life issues she was facing -- but I had to tell her that I was seeing images of her being crucified with Jesus and the Christians. She was not particularly moved one way or the other, and just wanted to get on with her questions..... so we did. A few months later, she came for another session, and with wide eyes, told me that since our first session, she'd had a rebirthing session with Dale Allen Hoffman and relived the crucifixion. She said it was an intense experience, and that she was grateful I had given her the message, so that she knew what it was she was reliving.
One of the best psychics I work with in Palm Beach County remembers playing ball in the back yard with Jesus & Mary.
I told an old friend that she had been a disciple of Jesus, and she said, "I'm pretty sure I was Simon Peter."
I told a client she was one of the creators of religion -- not a particular religion -- just religion itself. Years later, she asked me if she was Lilith, first wife of Adam, in the Garden of Eden. I got a 'yes' from Spirit, and told her she was the 2nd healer I've confirmed that for -- the first one also told me she's Lilith.
A young man who attended many of my healing events at Burning Man '11, then followed our tribe to Harbin Hot Springs. After several days 'in the garden' and 'in the waters', the young man came to me, trembling, and said, "I know who I am." I said, "OK, who are you?" He said, "Lucifer." My hands rose in the air, giving the 'yes' sign. He said, "Does this mean I'm the devil?" I said, "You're not the only one. There are a number of beings who bear titles like that throughout history. I do feel you are one of them. I also feel that what matters is who you are now, and you are an awesome person." He agreed. He then said, "I know someone else who I was -- Jim Morrison." My hands shot up in the air, another yes! That was the beginning of my learning about the construct of creator gods having rockstar alters.
I've told 8 or 10 clients they were Catholic Popes. Here are 3 confirmations:
* I did a session with a Latino family in Miami; the parents spoke little English, so their daughters translated. I saw all 4 of them in red robes with gold crosses, and told the daughters it appeared they had all been high up in the Catholic church. The daughters did not appear to be surprised and said nothing in response. Then Spirit said the mother had been a pope. So I told the daughters, and when the mother heard the word 'pope', she instantly said, "How do you know?" Then Spirit indicated she was a pope in the very early days of Catholicism -- just as she said, "I think it was a long time ago."
* I asked a client in Palm Beach if he knew he'd been a pope, and he snapped back, "Yes, I was a Medici pope."
* A client in West Palm Beach was telling me about her Catholic upbringing, and just as I was seeing her as a pope, she told me this story -- "When I was 18, I went to Rome, by myself, for the induction of the cardinals. I pushed my way through the crowd, all the way to the door into the Vatican, and I told them, 'I am no one, but I came here from the United States, please let me in' -- and Alan, they let me in! I have no idea why they did it -- I was the only person from the crowd they let in -- and I witnessed the induction of the cardinals." I explained that she had been a pope, and that even though the guards at the Vatican did not know this, Spirit guided them to let her in. This resonated with the client.
A young man with a natural gift for healing drove from Florida to California to appear in festivals with me. Shortly after his arrival, Spirit spoke through me to the two of us, to inform us that my new apprentice had tortured me and cut my right foot off in the Inquisition. Within days, the young man began seeing images on his own -- images of other forms of torture he inflicted on people during the Inquisition, including having women's breasts ripped off, and having 'speaders' shoved up people's asses to rip their insides apart. I've given readings to well over a hundred clients who tortured people or were tortured in the Inquisition, primarily people who inflicted suffering on others, and they are now healers or lightworkers of some kind.
I've given readings for nearly a decade, and I've never received messages about Hindu gods, until just recently, February '21. In one week, I worked with 3 clients who appear to be living embodiments of Shiva, Vishnu & Ganesh:
* A young man from Nepal, currently a university student in Pittsburgh, was referred to me by a colleague in Washington, D.C. He informed me that his sushumna & idi are fractured -- and that one of his important incarnations was Plato. I said I was getting a 'yes', and that he's not the only one, I've met another person who was Plato. Then he told me he's been told twice by psychics that he is Lord Shiva. I got a strong YES, acknowledged it, and told him I am a Krishna.
* I told a client in Miami that I was seeing an image of her involved with Gandhi and the freedom movement in India. She meditated for a moment and said, "I see me setting myself on fire." She then explained why she & others did this -- that it was effective in getting the British to leave India -- and it sounded as if she was channeling the person she was in that life. I then asked if she felt any connection with a Hindu god, and she said, "The only other time I received a shamanic healing, after the entities were released, I saw a clear image of myself as the goddess Vishnu."
* During a healing session with another client in Miami, who was recovering from surgery, Spirit said, "Another Hindu god." When I brought up the subject, the client said, "I don't know anything about Hindu gods, except I've always been drawn to Ganesha, and the elephant has always been my favorite animal." Then she got her Ganesha statue -- the only god statue in her home -- and I asked her to hold the statue and meditate. 5 minutes passed, and she said, "Yes, I do feel I am a living embodiment of Ganesha."
Two weeks later, Spirit told me a client in New Jersey is also a living embodiment of Krishna, like me. When I told him, he laughed loudly and told me he once went to a costume event as Krishna -- and he sent me a pic of himself, his body painted blue, wearing Krishna attire.
One of the producers of my 'Love Lounge' spiritual night club events in Berkeley told me she had a life changing experience before she got into her spiritual path. She was walking in the woods and she suddenly saw a face in a tree and it began talking to her. The voice told her that she is the living embodiment of the Greek goddess Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.
A stranger on the beach in Costa Rica felt my energy, and without speaking, we began circling each other, then dancing, and then she sat down so I could channel Spirit and do energy work with her. When I completed, she said, "I became a bird, flew to the top of a mountain, and morphed into the goddess Athena. Thank you."
The Latino family in Miami that I wrote about in the Catholic Popes section above -- the daughter that hired me and was translating, at one point I got something about Greek gods for her, but no name. When I addressed this, she attempted to give me a poker face, but I could tell I was onto something, and she already knew it. I struggled to get a name, and finally said, "Athena?" even though I knew that was not correct. Then she said, "Artemis?" and my body jolted YES. She said, "Goddess of wild animals, goddess of the hunt" and I said YES. The next day a black crow flew straight into me, hit my shoulder, and then flew on -- and I knew it was connected to the Artemis I'd just met.


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