Prophecies, Adversity, Perseverance & Triumph

 Part One:  Prophecies 

(Post # 2 in the series  'Amyon and the Awakening -- A Hero's Journey')

"You are here to heal the masses & speak to the masses on a global scale." 
A trance medium at The Palm Beach Center for Living (Louise Hay & Marianne Williamson's center), 1996    

"All the Hollywood movie stars who have passed to the other side are swirling around you. I have never seen anything like it -- and I've had a lot of actors in my groups."
Alexander Murray, medium, New York, 1999

"You will heal millions of people with AIDS."
"People will call you the Messiah but when you are not on duty, you will just be Alan."
Mediums at The Spiritualists Association of Great Britain, 2000

"You were Paul the Apostle. You must learn the esoteric teachings about Paul, not the mainstream scriptures, for they are false. Learn what really happened so you don't fuck it up this time."  Verna Pierce, a medium who channels Mary Magdalene, New York, 2002

"Ultimately, you will be able to heal most forms of cancer in one session."
Vicki White, medium, Delray Beach, Florida, 2007

"You are an avatar. You are here to teach the teachers to teach the masses."  
Ann, the medium at Mystic Treasures in Greenacres, Florida, 2007
That was the 2nd thing Ann said to me. The first was, "I have Norman, Bob & Robert here" which stunned me -- I said, "Grandfather, father & brother, all in spirit." Getting names like that is an unusual ability, so I knew Ann was the real deal. 
Then Ann brought back the avatar theme 4 years later: 
In 2011, I was killed by a street gang and came back to life in front of the people who killed me, but I did not know how I survived. It was Ann who explained to me that I was saved by a 9 foot tall 'blue avian', a higher dimensional version of myself. And then a psychic at the Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree, California, told me the exact same story. Full details are in the document 'Christed in Costa Rica: Death, Resurrection & the Avatar'.    

In 2007, I attended a wedding in Wisconsin. One guest I got to know was Vidhu Singh, a theater director based in San Francisco. After the wedding, I gave her a ride to the Chicago airport. At one point, we were silent, and Vidhu was just staring at me, and then she said, "I follow a spiritual leader in India; he has a few million followers, which is not that much in India. This man is more fun than most spiritual leaders -- he's very silly, and he gets everyone singing and dancing and having fun." She paused, and I waited. Then she said, "Alan, you are going to be like my spiritual leader, but you will have a much larger following."   

"You were the architect of the Colosseum in Rome. Volumes will pour forth from you. You will illuminate the great cosmic mystery for all of us."   
Psychic at the Raw Spirit Festival, Sedona, Arizona, 2008.    

"The energy moving through your body is the most intense energy I've ever encountered." 
Dr. Madeline Singer, health columnist & university lecturer, Boynton Beach, Florida, 2009  

"You will appear in stadiums and cathedrals around the world. I see people standing in a line and you're touching each one on the forehead and there's an assistant with a golden bowl with holy water for you to dip your hands in."
Psychic at The Lily Dale Assembly of New York, 2010

"This man is 100% channeling Jesus." 
Medium in Montreal, 2010

At the Harmony Festival in California, I sat for a reading with one medium, who asked another medium to sit with us, then they asked 2 more mediums to join us. The 4 of them kept staring at me and not speaking. Finally, one said, "I don't know who you are, but you have a huge mission in this life." The others nodded in agreement. Then one said, "When you come into your full power, there is no limit to the number of ways in which you will be able to use your power." The others nodded in agreement. 2010  

"I'm seeing you onstage in front of a massive crowd, like a hundred thousand people, and the crowd is chanting your name." 
Dr. Jean Chuang Menges, acupuncturist, medical intuitive and doctor of Chinese medicine, New York, 2011  

"Your mother is pure evil." This was the first message, and it was accurate. The next message was, "You're going to levitate."
Psychic at the New Life Expo, New York City, 2011

"You have been many well-intentioned people throughout history, and you are one now. Don't stop -- keep going, ." 
Rev. Phyllis Stewart, Angel Ministries, Venice, Florida, 2014

"Has anyone told you you're going to levitate? When we were chatting online, I received a message that you're going to levitate -- that's why I had to meet you." 
A psychic in Miami who I met on a gay dating site. He insisted on meeting me, even though we had no interest in dating each other. 2015

"Paul the Apostle, it is time, you must speak. Paul the Apostle, it is time, you must speak."  
Spiritual teacher & healer Rebekah Renee, channeling 'the Angel Sole', at the Metaphysical Chapel of Fort Lauderdale, 2016

"What does it feel like to be one of the leaders of the ascension evolution?"
Sacred Owl Q Quinones, medium & radio host, Pawling, NY 2020

And going all the way back to high school -- I was a National Merit Scholar, president of the student council, and an award winning actor. I was the 'Boy of the Year' for Palm Beach County in 1978, with an article in the local paper headlined "Future Star". Now I'm investigating 'The Secret Society of Palm Beach'.       

I have not fulfilled these prophecies; in fact, the journey has been terribly challenging, and I have failed far more than succeeded. In part two -- Adversity -- I will share some of my 'long & winding road'; I expect people will identify with my struggle, and be motivated to hold steady and be strong on their own hero's journey.  

Parts 2 & 3 of 'Prophecies, Adversity, Perseverance & Triumph' will be presented a bit later in the series. In the next 4 installments of 'Amyon and the Awakening -- A Hero's Journey', I switch the focus from myself to my clients & colleagues in 'Creator Gods, Illuminati & Reincarnation'.


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