The Secret Society of Palm Beach (Proposal for Docuseries)

(Post # 11 in the series 'Amyon and the Awakening -- A Hero's Journey') This docuseries will expose the global elite -- billionaires, politicians, celebrities -- and the satanic rituals they conduct in Palm Beach County -- and worldwide. This subject matter has been explored recently in the documentaries 'Out of Shadows', 'Fall of the Cabal', 'Adrenochrome' and more. These documentaries, and the series I am proposing, go far beyond the Jeffrey Epstein case and the docuseries presented recently on Netflix.The approach we will take is distinct from others, as we will employ the psychic community to 'divine truth'. I have consulted with more than 30 psychics in Florida, in groups and 1-1, who have all confirmed the reality and the details of my investigations in Palm Beach County. My investigations have already yielded suspects and witnesses, detailed in the 'Specific Documentation' section below. There are many people in Palm Beach County who know the truth, and can testify. With a team of investigative journalists and a film crew, working with a team of psychics, we will expose the evil underbelly of Palm Beach and the global elite.

There are dozens of professional psychic/mediums in Palm Beach County, and hundreds in Florida. We can get as many as we want for the docuseries. The larger a team we have, the better. In addition to the team of psychics who appear in person on camera, we can bring hundreds or thousands of psychics from all over the world into the series through the internet. Consensus is valid, compelling & convincing. It is not necessary to have solid evidence with the allegations or 'readings' given by psychics. We will use legal disclaimers and state clearly that this is 'psychic data'.

Mediums like Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium), Tyler Henry (Hollywood Medium), John Edward (Crossing Over) & Sylvia Browne (Montell Williams, Larry King Live) have paved the way for us to take mediumship on TV to the next level -- The Psychic Council. We will establish the credibility of our psychics by including backstories -- shots of the churches & spiritual centers they work in, and brief testimonials from long-time clients & community members.

Most of the documentaries that have already been released talk about the abduction of children from 3rd world countries, for use by the global elite. Most give details about 'Pizzagate' and the online sale of babies for sacrificial use in the satanic rituals.

A few mention the category that I fall into -- highly gifted teenagers brought into the rituals by their parents -- not to be killed -- but to be drugged, tortured, mind-controlled, used for sex -- and then not remember any of it -- through the use of memory erasure drugs including Triazolam, Midazolam & Diazepam. The global elite prefer to drink the blood of the most intelligent, talented & genetically desirable teens. I was a National Merit Scholar, president of the student council, an award winning actor & a handsome athletic tennis player. I was the 'Boy of the Year' for Palm Beach County in 1978 -- so I was a prime candidate. I attended Forest Hill High School (West Palm Beach) 1974-78. I attended Florida State University (Tallahassee) 1978-81.

Then I was an acting apprentice at the Burt Reynolds Theater (Jupiter, north end of Palm Beach County) in 1982, when I was 22 years old. I believe satanic rituals also took place at Burt's theater & private compounds. Students from my years at Forest Hill High School, and apprentices from the Burt Reynolds Theater will be willing to undergo hypnosis to access memories of the satanic rituals we were subjected to. This process is effective -- my father, UFO researcher Bob Pratt (died '05) had dozens of subjects placed under hypnosis to relive their UFO abductions, because most of the subjects had no conscious memory of their experiences.

I have further documentation about the following:
* A former mayor of Palm Beach. A family member is willing to expose him for rape, murder and participation in the satanic rituals.
* Evidence of corruption in the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Dept.
* My mother, now 91, was involved in the satanic rituals in Palm Beach for decades. As a registered nurse, she possessed skills used in the rituals. Her primary function was to draw blood from the victims. She got involved when she worked at Doctors Hospital in Lake Worth in the '70s. A section of that hospital was owned & controlled by the Illuminati of Palm Beach for organ harvesting & other illegal activities. The hospital was closed in the '90s.
* In 1974, when I was in the 9th grade, my mother took me to 'acting classes' every Monday night for 2 months, at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Church in Palm Beach. Donald & Melania Trump were married there in 2005. I have almost no memory of anything from these 'acting classes' -- yet I remember acting classes & rehearsals for shows at my high school the same year. Colleagues assert that satanic rituals took place in this church.
* In 2015, I realized the minister of my mother's Unitarian church was involved in 1 or more of her murders. As I investigated the minister, psychics began telling me he was also involved in pedophile rings, and that members of his congregation, including Faith Pratt, were involved. Then psychics told me I would uncover evil not only in my mother's congregation, but in the entire Unitarian religion -- and the course of events has confirmed this. I have a separate document giving full details of my confrontation with the minister at the Unitarian Church in North Palm Beach. I sent this document, along with several other emails, including documentation by other psychics confirming the minister's participation in Faith Pratt's criminal activity, to the head office of the Unitarian Church in Boston, in April of 2017. The church responded to my first email, and then did not respond to any further emails. The minister was transferred to a Unitarian church in another city three weeks after I sent those emails to the head office in Boston.
* I brought a small group of psychics toBethesda-by-the-Sea Church, the Flagler Museum & the Norton Museum of Art, and the psychics felt all 3 have been used for these rituals. The psychics are also receiving messages connecting the Palm Beach Illuminati with the Neo Nazi movement & the Ku Klux Klan.
* Shortly after Burt Reynolds died, the media began releasing stories about a murder Burt committed in 1973. The release of this story was suppressed for more than 50 years, until Burt died -- because Burt held a high ranking position in the 'Hollywood Illuminati'. My psychic colleagues say Burt never said 'No' to participating in the satanic rituals, and this is how he became the biggest box office star in the world for 6 years in a row -- not because his films were that good, but because the global elite controls the content of the entertainment consumed by the masses, the talent -- and the global distribution of the products. This theory about Burt supports the theory that his theater was built not only to produce plays, but to host the satanic rituals. Here's a link to one of the many online articles about the murder Burt committed:
* A colleague in Florida felt guided to connect me with 'Cosmic Christi', a medium in Texas whose area of expertise includes numerology and 'spelling' -- the use of words in magic & mysticism. When I discussed the Burt Reynolds Theater with Christi, she suddenly gave me the word 'Valhalla'. I was shocked, because that was the name of Burt's estate on the ocean in Jupiter. When I told this to Christi, she said, "This is how the Illuminati performs black magic."
* There was an incident at the Burt Reynolds theater with Dick Cavett & Merv Griffin that, when examined, connect 'The Montauk Project' (Long Island) and 'Bohemian Grove' (Sonoma County, CA) with the Burt Reynolds Theater. I was Dick's understudy and dresser, and there were some highly questionable moments & dynamics in our 'relationship'. Then Merv, reportedly the richest person in the history of Hollywood, showed up -- not to make any public appearance or be in a production......... just to 'visit'. There are several images of Merv at Bohemian Grove in the Alex Jones documentary. Then Elizabeth Taylor, one of the most glamorous and powerful stars in Hollywood history, visited the theater -- same as Merv, she made no public appearance, and never appeared in a production at the theater. The list of celebrities who visited Burt's truly mediocre little dinner theater ought to be examined like the flight logs to Jeffrey Epstein's island of horror. I've had 3 encounters with Dick Cavett in the past 20 years, most recently in 2015, and the details are quite compelling -- strong signals that Dick has been concerned that I would eventually figure out the truth about him and Burt's theater.
* In 2017, before I had awoken to the horrors of my youth, a psychic colleague told me "You have to go see Burt Reynolds." I had not seen Burt since '92, and neither my colleague nor I had any idea why Spirit gave that message -- but the next night I attended a gathering of Burt's local students & community, in North Palm Beach, because Burt was being interviewed by local media. The timing, or 'synchronicity' of the message & Burt's gathering would suggest that Spirit arranged the interaction so that I would see the truth about Burt -- and I did. Burt's hideous narcissism & mean-spirited nature were on parade the entire evening. Pathological narcissists give themselves permission to do terrible things that no compassionate honest person would do.
* My father, Bob Pratt, worked for the National Enquirer when I was an apprentice at Burt's theater. Half of our group of apprentices had attended the FSU School of Theater, including me, and they all knew my dad worked for the Enquirer. The Enquirer published negative stories about a lot of Hollywood figures, including Burt, so the Enquirer was his enemy, and the apprentices knew not to tell Burt my dad worked there. My father told me about incidents in which Burt had paid off at least two women for the following reasons: Burt threw a 'rocks glass' (heavily weighted cocktail glass) at a woman, hit her in the face, and she needed surgery. Burt had a sexual fetish for hurting feet, so he would stand on a woman's toes when she was barefoot and he was wearing boots. I was a starry eyed youth working with one of the biggest names in Hollywood, so I did not say anything about this to Burt or anyone else at the theater, but I've never forgotten what my father told me, and my father was an honest journalist.
* I've discussed the Secret Society with a few high school friends and a few apprentices and staff from Burt's theater. No one I've spoken with has knowledge or memory of any incidents; however, just about everyone I've shared this with believes there's a 'global elite' and a 'secret society' in Palm Beach that engages in all sorts of criminal activity -- esp. since the coverage of the Jeffrey Epstein case.
* Several psychics have confirmed that as many as 6 former US presidents have consumed my blood in adrenochrome rituals. Topics to investigate: * How long the society has been conducting satanic pedophile rituals in Palm Beach County.
* Where they have conducted rituals in the past, and where the activity occurs now.
* Graphic details of exactly what happens in the rituals, which include torture, mind control, drugs, sex, blood drinking (adrenochrome) & cannibalism.
* Which rich, famous & powerful people were involved in the past. * Who is involved now (or recently) and how many young people are being victimized.
* To what extent certain religions, the school system, the PBC Sheriff's Dept. and other organizations may be complicit in these crimes.

Documenting the Patterns of Psychic Guidance

The most compelling evidence that my reality and experiences are being guided by 'external forces' are the very obvious patterns 'Spirit' or 'they' walk me through -- patterns that are too wildly synchronistic to be coincidental. A few examples: -- Spirit told me they wanted me to live in downtown Lake Worth (just south of West Palm Beach), in the summer of '18, to go deeper into the investigation. Spirit said they were going to play a game with me to show me they can put me right where they want me. They told me to ask my high school friends for a room 'anywhere in Palm Beach County'. Palm Beach County is 2400 square miles. The first 2 offers were for 2 cottages 2 doors away from each other on the same block, and the other 2 offers were for cottages 6 blocks or less distance from the first two cottages -- all in downtown Lake Worth. -- For the past few months, they've been guiding me to encounter a series of homicide suspects, and the patterns are quite clear. The similarities between 2 suspects are astonishing. The time frame in which several cases 'fell in my lap' is remarkable. Even the addresses of 2 clients who brought 2 suspects to my attention on the same day, were close -- 2750 on one street, 2756 on another street. -- Spirit also does this with my healing work.

On one East Coast tour, I had 6 healing miracles occur in less than 2 months, and they were all quite different illnesses -- severe brain injury, paralysis, chronic lung disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, shingles & Bells palsy. And then no miracles for at least a year. This pattern has occurred several times over the past decade. The patterns of 'psychic guidance' will continue throughout the filming of the docuseries, providing compelling 'psychic evidence'.

My current status:
I am an unusually healthy 60-year-old man. I am more disciplined with my diet, exercise, fasting & cleansing, yoga, meditation, healing work -- all of it -- than most people my age or any age. I have not taken any prescription medications, nor any over the counter medications -- not even an aspirin -- in more than 20 years. I motivate and inspire thousands of people to live a healthier lifestyle through my pics, posts & leadership on Facebook.

In the past few years, however, as the true horror of my life, both as a child and young adult, has come to light -- I have developed physical symptoms. My body sometimes shakes uncontrollably when I discuss this situation with people, or write about it. I also stutter when I talk about this. I grew up in the theater, and I'm a public speaker -- I have never had a speech impediment -- but now I stutter. Occasionally my body goes into a mild-level seizure, and my limbs contract like a person with muscular dystrophy -- even my neck & jaw -- and then I can hardly speak.

This is how severe the level of trauma is that is locked in my body. I have included all the info I feel is appropriate for an initial proposal.

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