Hybrid Human (Proposal for Docuseries)

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 The mainstream definitions for 'hybrid human' or 'animal-human hybrid' refer to an entity that incorporates elements from both humans and animals. 

I am a human being that has extraterrestrial 'elements' incorporated into my physical body. 
Without knowing any of the documentation listed below, many lightworkers in recent years have looked at me and instantly gotten the impression that I am an 'ET hybrid'.  

This documentation is not arranged in a particular order, and I am not presenting a clear vision for a docuseries; however, what is happening with my body and my reality -- to my knowledge -- has not been featured on TV -- and it's fascinating.  I am a sober healthy 61-year-old man who has never been diagnosed with any kind of mental or emotional disorder. Everything I share in this proposal is true to the best of my knowledge.

I have at least 4 living extraterrestrial implants in my body that I became aware of in 2013. 
* Two of them are 'visible' by their movements under my skin, and many of my friends & colleagues are familiar with them. One of their functions is to participate in my healing events and with clients -- they appear to be highly intelligent & benevolent beings. Here's a link to a video of one of the creatures, 'Belle Aire', moving and changing shape & size in my pelvis/scrotum: https://vimeo.com/376513306   
* The 3 ET's in my torso make sounds that are easy to distinguish from the sounds of my digestion. The sounds are loud enough people can sometimes hear them from a distance of 10ft. or more. I have not yet made a quality recording of their sounds. 
* I'm unusually healthy and have dozens of 'miracle successes' as a healer, so I believe the ETs in my body are friendly and beneficial.  
* During events, 'the boys' collect a lot of dark energy from the participants, then together we channel it out to the cosmos or into the earth -- and other healers in events are often called upon to 'clear the boys', as you see the woman doing in the video clip. At least a hundred healers I work with know 'the boys'.
* There may be more implants in my body than I am aware of. There are 4 for sure -- Belle Aire, Tiaton, Sthladyn & Clezakh.  
* I recently got ultrasounds of my scrotum and abdomen; however, the radiologist interpreted Belle Aire as a hernia, and did not see signs of other creatures in my torso, even though I am quite sure they're there. A client of mine is quite sure she has a living implant in her abdomen, that sometimes expands to the size of a grapefruit, yet the two times she's gotten X-rays or ultrasounds, the doctors see nothing -- so it appears our ET implants have the ability to cloak themselves so that humans cannot identify them.

In 2010, I used my psychic ability -- and ET connections -- to work with the FBI & CIA to avert major terrorist attacks that would have taken place in New York City (12.07.10) and Washington, D.C. (12.24.10). As a result of that, I was interviewed in person by government agents who identified themselves first as FBI agents, and then revealed themselves as 'the Men in Black' (12.27.10). They wanted to know how I am able to do what I do, and which ET races I work with. The agents photographed my skull the day they interviewed me. They said they wanted to photograph my crystal skull, but they asked me to hold it right next to my head while they photographed it, and I suspected then that they were really photographing my skull. At the time, I was not aware of Clezakh, the implant in my skull, but over the years, I received messages that Clezakh has the power to 'take down' anyone who tries to kill or hurt me, from any distance. So the Men in Black were likely using a special camera to scan my skull to learn more about the ET creature living in it. 

My 'Spirit guides' -- or ET connections -- led me on a journey to uncover an international drug cartel between 2010-12. I reported my info to the DEA, met with agents at the American Consulate in Costa Rica in 2011, and have separate documentation about this case.  

I was choked and beaten to death by 3 people on a public street in San Jose, Costa Rica in March of 2011, and resurrected by a 9-foot-tall 'blue avian' in front of the people who killed me. 
* The details of this incident -- how & why the gang killed me, how the avatar interacted with the gang & then resuscitated me -- were later described to me exactly the same way by 2 professional psychics, one in Florida, one in California. 
* Since then, at least a dozen people have seen a 'shadow version' of my 'blue avian' standing near me during healing events & in private sessions. Almost none of these people were aware of the incident in Costa Rica -- they just saw the blue avian near me and told me.
* As I shared my experience over the years, other people told me how they had died and been resurrected, many of us more than once. I've now had this conversation with about 200 lightworkers & clients -- Spirit calls it 'being Christed', and it appears to be part of the game the ET's are playing with us. 

In 2013, I was working with the plant medicine DMT, and coughed up an alien implant. It was approximately the size of a chicken egg, bright orange, gelatinous, and contained small black beads. Spirit said they wanted it out of my body. This happened before I realized there were other ET implants in my body. I was so freaked out by the experience -- and on DMT -- so I scooped it up in paper towels and ran to the other end of the hotel I was staying in, and threw it in a waste bin -- which I now regret. Had I saved it, it could have been examined by experts. In 2016, while touring the U.S. as a spiritual healer, I was guided by Spirit to share this experience with 2 lightworkers, who then shared with me that they had similar experiences -- and with both of them, the implants were also orange with small black dots or beads in them. One of the two, a man in Hawthorne, NJ coughed up the implant while I was performing a remote healing on him over the phone. The other, a woman in Austin, TX, told me she was receiving a colonic irrigation, and Spirit guided her to turn her head so she would see the bright orange 'thing' flowing down the tube -- and she knew instantly the orange thing was not her shit coming out, but rather some kind of alien implant.   

I began spotting light ships in the night sky in 2012. Some of them send frequencies directly into Clezakh, the implant in my skull, or into my chest, or into the palms of my hands -- and sometimes I can redirect the frequencies into people standing near me. I believe the light ships are connected to the implants in my body and to the healing work I do. Sometimes the light ships, upon request, will wiggle back & forth, enough for their movement to be detected, or they will change the colors of their lights, or even turn their lights off and then turn them back on. I've shown this to hundreds of people hundreds of times over the years, around the U.S. I've spoken about this at dozens of healing events, and taken participants outside to see the light ships in the night sky -- and have had up to 20 people standing together, all commenting on the ships moving, the lights changing, and feeling the frequencies being transmitted to & through me to them.  

My father, Bob Pratt, was a renowned UFO researcher. He edited the MUFON journal (Mutual UFO Network), spoke at conferences, and authored books. He passed in '05, before Ancient Aliens, Gaia TV and similar programming became popular. As part of the docuseries, we can tie in with some of the leading experts in this field.

There are most certainly other human/alien hybrids out there. Let's find them and put them in the docuseries.

I have included all the info I feel is appropriate for an initial proposal -- and there's more -- much more. 
Put me on camera and I will tell all the details and wild but true stories of my multidimensional adventures.


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