Urban Exorcist (Proposal for Docuseries)

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I have an unusual ability to perform deep shamanic healing, or exorcisms, and help individuals and groups of people purge and release attached entities & darkness. Many participants in my healing events cough, belch, moan, cry, or speak in tongues, and their bodies convulse & shake as the entities are being exorcised from their bodies & energy fields. Clients who participate in ayahuasca ceremonies often say my sessions are like medicine ceremonies in terms of purging, receiving visions and connecting with spirit guides and other dimensions.
The purpose of this series is to awaken people and give them tools to deal with energetic attachment/possession in their own lives.
Energetic possession, entities, demons -- are real. It's far more common than people think. It's actually the human condition -- we all have some amount of darkness attached to us, affecting our lives. And many people have the innate ability to do the work I'm doing. I've toured the U.S. for more than a decade, and worked with thousands of people -- so I know this is true. It's time to remove the stigma & judgment. We will make this practice accessible to all people. If I can do it, so can you. Power to the people.
We will look at the effects of possession and how it manifests as addictive/compulsive behavior, depression, anxiety, abusive and/or self-destructive behavior and dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities). I work with clients who hit, scratch or cut themselves. Some have lost control of a limb; one client wears a helmet during sessions, because the demons act up and make him hit himself in the head. Some clients bodies' bounce up & down on the treatment table, and/or have demonic voices speaking through them. I've worked with a few violent clients, one of whom had to be strapped down during sessions. I go to battle with a lot of demons, and some of them get into me, so I get cleared by other healers frequently. When healers work with me, my body also goes wacky & the demons speak through me. We will teach viewers how to move energy to clear themselves daily, and how to deal with what lightworkers call 'ascension symptoms'. Exploring all of this will be fascinating, educational and empowering for the audience.
Why am I an 'urban' exorcist? Because I'm just an average guy who had other careers and then at the age of 49 discovered this ability. I'm not a Catholic priest or an indigenous shaman. It will be easy for people to relate to me.
The way Spirit moves through my voice & body is theatrical, and the effect I have on clients and audiences in healing events is potent and visible. I've rarely had cameras at healing events; however, here are 2 clips of me facilitating exorcism-level healing:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5m3-i8gl3sA Burning Man, Nevada, 2010. Demonstration of exorcism with fellow healers & audience at Sacred Spaces Village.
https://vimeo.com/349966972 Nyack, NY, 2019. One participant in a group experiencing a deep release.
This Facebook post details more about my work as an exorcist: https://www.facebook.com/Alan.Pratt.Amyon/posts/10156232366932676
I tour the U.S., so we'll go on tour and I will work with clients and groups in a variety of communities. In smaller towns, I do events in yoga studios, healing centers & churches. In larger cities, I produce sound healing concerts, with ensembles of musicians, singers & healers. This is the webpage for my concerts: http://sacredsing.org/ The smaller events usually go quite deep, but even at the larger concerts many participants experience a powerful shamanic release.
As we tour the East Coast or the U.S. -- whichever works for the budget and time constraints -- we will:
* Meet many fascinating, colorful, unique lightworkers and spiritual tribes.
* Tap into the transformational village festival scene, i.e. Zen Awakening, Kinnection Campout & LoveLight. This is the cutting edge of spiritual tribal culture, and the shamanic ceremonies go deep. https://festivalfire.com/
* Visit religious congregations that embrace this work in different ways, including Pentecostal, Catholic, Unity & Metaphysical.
* Conduct an exorcism with a large group of students at my alma mater, Florida State University, in Tallahassee.
* Visit sacred lands & participate in tribal activities, including a sweat lodge, a full moon bonfire & drum circle, ecstatic dance and an ayahuasca ceremony.
* Get a few celebrities in the series, to deal with their own demonic possession, probably in New York & Miami.
In addition to live events & sessions, I perform exorcisms by remote/distance, over the phone. I've recently worked with clients in Okinawa, Mumbai, Manila, New York & Miami. I perform healing on thousands of viewers of my Facebook live streams -- people feel it, and it's powerful. People also view the saved videos and feel the healing, so viewers of the docuseries will likely have a similar experience.
More Reasons I'm Great for TV and for 'Urban Exorcist':
* I grew up in the theater, did lots of comedy and I'm a natural-born character, so there'll be much fun to balance out the serious nature of the work we're doing. I've got aspects of all of the following in me: Robin Williams, Richard Simmons, The Long Island Medium, a life coach and a military drill sergeant. Here's a link to a recent FB live stream healing session & storytelling: https://www.facebook.com/Alan.Pratt.Amyon/videos/10157017667812676
* I'm A Successful Healer
I have dozens of successes with a broad range of illnesses, lots of miracle stories, and clients who will testify.
Fox News Miami aired a feature on my work in 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAqEV3KO4cE
My healing credits include full recoveries from throat & tongue cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, brain injury, paralysis, spinal injuries, chronic lung disease, Bell’s palsy, shingles, thyroid condition, hip & leg mobility issues, hip replacement infection, tongue ring infection, chronic foot pain & gout; and measurable improvements with clients suffering a range of diseases including ALS, arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, hearing loss, eczema, urinary tract pain, abdominal cramps & addictions.
Here are links to 4 Facebook posts that illuminate the range of my work:
Successful Healings in One Session or Event -- 23 Cases
I Activate Light Workers Higher Abilities -- 25 Testimonials
Brain Injury, Paralysis, Spinal Injury -- and the Power of Remote Healing
Successes with Cancer Through Energy Healing
* I'm A Health Guru
I am not a professional or expert, but I am wildly healthy at 60. I walk the walk, and I've inspired thousands to a healthier lifestyle.
I take no prescription or over-the-counter medications, and have not in nearly 25 years, since I was in my mid-30s.
I'm in great physical shape, muscular & unusually flexible for my age. This Facebook post has 3 video clips of me demonstrating an amazing movement modality that is being downloaded into me by Spirit, that I teach to dancers, yogis and all people.
My energy & stamina are excellent. I power walk 4 miles most days, do yoga & lift weights daily. I average 2 orgasms a day, occasionally 3 or 4.
My fuel intake is lean, clean & greens-based. I've done hundreds of days of fasting & cleansing processes, up to 33 days straight. This is the FB group I admin for monthly cleansing: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Monthly3daycleans
I do not drink alcohol, coffee, sodas, and rarely consume anything that is less than high vibe and good for the body.
* I'm A Sex Crusader
I'm a vocal advocate for sexual freedom. I overcame the shame of being gay in the 70's, and then overcame the shame of being a foot & tickling fetishist in the 90s, to become one of the most famous 'foot guys' in the world, with appearances on TV, radio & the internet. I've been a stripper, go go dancer, gay fetish video producer & hosted hundreds of sex parties. Just before my 61st birthday, Spirit instructed me to have an average of 4 orgasms (with ejaculation) a day for a week, so I did it, and my total for the week was exactly 28. I've had sex with about 2800 men. I've written a show about my spiritual & sexual awakening called 'Hummingbird'. This is an 8 minute clip from a reading in front of a live audience. Watch for the standing ovation at the end of the clip: https://vimeo.com/141940505
* I'm Walking a Biblical Path
Like Y'shua (Jesus), I perform exorcisms and healing miracles. My first exorcism was in the desert -- at Burning Man. It's as if Spirit is staging a contemporary 2nd coming version of the Bible days. Several mediums have told me that I am a living embodiment of the Apostle Paul. I channel the 'Ascended Masters', including Mother Mary, Y'shua, the Archangel Metatron & more. People have seen these angelic figures around me when I channel them. The Biblical experience I am having in my current career, combined with my personal life and my previous jobs in the sex industry will inspire some lively debate, especially among religious leaders, and in doing so, we will heal and liberate the viewers spiritually and sexually.
* I'm A Survivor
I am a survivor of AIDS, alcoholism, severe childhood trauma, career failure & poverty. I am not just a survivor, I'm a thriver!
* I'm an Advocate of Plant Medicine
Ayahuasca, DMT, psilocybin mushrooms & other plant medicines are an integral part of my path & practice. My daily use of marijuana & the way I conduct myself each day is a marvelous demonstration of the benefits of this amazing plant.
I have included all the info I feel is appropriate for an initial proposal. And there's more -- much more.
Put me on camera and I will share the wild but true stories of my multidimensional adventures.


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