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Over the years Spirit has said I'm a living embodiment of Krishna, and that my past lives include Paul the Apostle, Abraham Lincoln & Mahatma Gandhi. At age 36, I began receiving prophecies from mediums & psychics that I will 'speak to the masses and heal the masses on a global scale'. In recent years, I've worked with many clients who had past lives connected to either Gandhi, Lincoln & the Civil War, the 'Bible Days' and the Crucifixion -- and some clients were in all 3 of these time periods.... and more. A man I went to high school with has been obsessed with the assassination of Lincoln since we were in high school. He always felt he was 'there' in some capacity, but could never quite figure out who he was or how he was involved. The reason he could not see clearly is because he was John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's assassin. I figured this out in recent years, after I began getting messages and clues that I was Lincoln. Later on, another piece of the puzzle fell in place -- this same man, my friend from high school, was also Nathuram Godse, the man who assassinated Gandhi.
I'm Walking a Biblical Path
* Like Y'shua (Jesus), I perform exorcisms and healing miracles -- including people 'dropping canes and walking'.
* My first exorcism was in the desert -- at Burning Man. It's as if Spirit is staging a contemporary 2nd coming version of the Bible days.
* Several mediums have told me that I am a living embodiment of the Apostle Paul.
* I channel the 'Ascended Masters', including Mother Mary, Y'shua, the Archangels & more. People have seen these angelic figures around me when I channel them.
* I have been killed and resurrected. This is what Spirit calls 'being Christed'. I was choked and beaten to death by 3 people on a public street in San Jose, Costa Rica in 2011, and resurrected by a 9-foot-tall 'blue avian' in front of the people who killed me. The details of this incident are documented in 'Christed in Costa Rica: Death, Resurrection & the Avatar'.
* I am a spiritual warrior, systems buster & crime fighter. Spirit has guided me to work with government agencies, do my part to stop terrorist attacks, expose an international drug cartel & crime syndicate, expose the Illuminati and their satanic rituals, and deal with darkness on all other levels.
How I met Matthew the Apostle and was first told I was Paul the Apostle: Five months after the 09.11.01 attack on the World Trade Center, I moved to Wall St., into a penthouse overlooking ground zero, with 4 other gay men. One resident moved out, and we replaced him with the first man we interviewed -- Matthew. When he introduced himself, he said, "Hi, I'm Matthew -- from the Bible." I had never heard anyone say anything like that, and I was not yet fully conscious of my own identity; however I instinctively felt this man was speaking truth. Matthew introduced me to his spiritual teacher, Verna Pearce. Verna claimed she channels Mary Magdalene, and I felt called to do a session with her. The first thing Verna said when she began channeling Mary Magdalene was, "You and I were well acquainted back in the day." It hit me in such an odd way I did not respond, so she moved on. 9 months after moving to Wall St., we were evicted for running a foot fetish video business in the penthouse, so we moved to a warehouse in Brooklyn and created GrandSpace, an artists & healers' residence and underground event space. A resident came to my office one day, a young woman from Texas, and she said, "I know who we were in the Bible Days. You were Paul and I was John. There were two Johns and I'm not sure which one I was." Again, odd sensations in my body. I did a 2nd session withVerna. I began by asking her who I was in the Bible Days, and she said, "You are not ready for this information." She did a healing on me and gave no messages. A few weeks later, walking through midtown Manhattan, Jehovah's Witnesses were pushing pamphlets on the sidewalk -- which I never responded to -- but on this day my hand accepted one -- and there was a full page in it about 'the Apostle Paul'. I went back to Verna a 3rd time, and asked outright, "Was I Paul?" and she said, "Yes you were. You must learn the esoteric teachings about Paul, not the mainstream scriptures, for they are false. Learn what really happened so you don't fuck it up this time."
I've been told a few more times over the years that I'm Paul, most recently during a sound healing concert I led at the Metaphysical Chapel of Fort Lauderdale. I was standing on the altar when Rebekah Renee -- who tours the U.S. with her own healing events, channeling 'the Angel Sole' -- approached the altar in a trance, and said loudly, "Paul the Apostle, it is time, you must speak." She then repeated the statement, even louder. After the event, I asked her 'where she got that from', and she smiled and said, "I can read you Alan. It's obvious."
A 63 year old ordained rabbi, who I've known for 30 years, hired me for a healing and reading. Before the session, I got the message that she was a high ranking Nazi in WW2. I decided it would help if I explain the dynamic between me and my 'cosmic twin', and how hundreds of people who 'played for the dark side' have now 'switched over to the light' -- and that's why they are coming to me. But before I had to explain anything, right at the top of the session, she looked at me and said, "I know you are the one people call Y'shua." I laughed and said, "Wow, how did you figure that out?" She said, "I just know." I said, "Well you just made my job easier"..... and I delivered the message about WW2, etc. She took it in, considered it, began crying and told me she'd been in denial, and that a professor in rabbinical school had told she would have to 'deal with the dark past' at some point. Now we are.
One colleague is a 65 year old interfaith minister, healer & psychic. I've lived in her home on & off, and she's one of my best friends and spiritual allies. For the past 5 years, she has listened to my reports about all these people with famous past lives, but has never wanted to look at her own past, and has always said, "I don't think I have any past lives like that." Then just recently she decided to look closely at all this with me. I had never received any info about her, until we did the session. Then I saw her with me in some capacity when I was Gandhi. I did not want to lead her or 'give it to her', so I asked her where she was in the first half of the 20th century. She quickly replied, "Africa." That confused me as I was seeing her with Gandhi, so I asked her again, and asked her to look closer. Then she blurted out, "I was the leader of an African country!" Gandhi's early career was in South Africa -- we could both feel the energy flowing as this piece of history was confirmed. Then I saw her involved somehow in the U.S. Civil War. I said this, and asked which side she was on. She said, "The north." I suddenly saw the capitol building in Washington D.C. and felt she had perhaps been a member of congress. I told her I was seeing Washington D.C. and a moment later, she blurted out, "Oh my god, I was the vice president to Abraham Lincoln!" I didn't see this -- she did. That blew me away. I just sat back and gave her a moment. Then I said, "Well, thank you for being my vice president during the Civil War and for working with me when I was Gandhi." We smiled at each other and moved on to other topics.
I had a similar experience with another client, a woman who was with Gandhi in India & involved somehow in the Civil War -- except when we got to the Civil War, I thought she was an ally of mine of some sort, but when she looked closer, she began crying and said, "I knew Lincoln was going to be assassinated and I did nothing to stop it!"
Whether I was actually Gandhi, Lincoln, Paul the Apostle or any other well known person from the past, there are connections with these people in my work.I acknowledge that there are more than 1 living embodiment of the gods -- Spirit has already brought me a client who they say is another Krishna, like me. And I acknowledge that powerful leaders throughout history, from Y'shua to Lincoln to Gandhi & Hitler are now fractiled into a number of people on the Earth plane. Perhaps there are hundreds or thousands of 'living embodiments' of the gods & power figures; however, Spirit tells me it's more like 5 or 10. The following documentation is about the connections with me, India, Gandhi & Krishna.
In 2002, GrandSpace, my artists' warehouse in Brooklyn, had only been open a couple of months when I received a call from the representatives of a Maharajah from India. The man said the maharajah, 91, was completing his final world tour, would be in New York in a week, did not have a place to gather with his followers, and that someone had recommended my warehouse. I explained that we had just recently moved into the building and that it was over a hundred years old, crumbling and sparsely furnished. He said he understood, and they just felt this was the place they were supposed to gather, and the space would be fine just as it was.
3 days before the maharajah arrived, we experienced what we call 'The Blessing of the Bees'. A colony of approximately 20,000 bees spent the afternoon sitting on the corner of GrandSpace. Several thousand bees crawled through an air vent and entered the building. Police shut down traffic on the surrounding blocks, a crowd filled the streets and all the major news networks covered the incident. A professional beekeeper was brought in to remove the queen & her colony from the corner of the building, and it took him about an hour and at least 5 or 6 rounds of removing the queen, putting her in a big open box so the colony could join her, and the queen repeatedly flying back to her spot on the building.
The day of the maharajah's gathering, we managed to assemble a decent enough temple space, and we strewed rose petals on the steps and sidewalk. The maharajah sat before his people.... and our people..... and explained that he was one of the last living maharajas in India, and that he had been a freedom fighter with Gandhi. He prayed with us, spoke wisdom and answered questions. There were several moments I wondered why the maharajah looked so intently in my direction as he spoke. With all the churches, yoga studios, theaters and other gathering spaces in New York, why did the maharajah & his followers come to my crumbling old warehouse in Brooklyn?
About a year later, during an ayahuasca ceremony, I was lying on my back and suddenly Gandhi's head filled the room above me, and he stared down at me. The moment lasted long enough to be quite memorable. I've participated in 60 ayahuasca ceremonies, and I've had tons of wild visions...... with my eyes shut -- but never had a vision with my eyes open -- only this time. And I've only had visions of famous spiritual leaders twice during ayahuasca ceremonies -- this time with Gandhi, and another ceremony when I spent a good part of the evening 'inside the body of Jesus', hanging on the cross.
In 2007, I attended a wedding in Wisconsin. One guest I got to know was Vidhu Singh, a theater director based in San Francisco. After the wedding, I gave her a ride to the Chicago airport. At one point, we were silent, and Vidhu was just staring at me, and then she said, "I follow a spiritual leader in India; he has a few million followers, which is not that much in India. This man is more fun than most spiritual leaders -- he's very silly, and he gets everyone singing and dancing and having fun." She paused, and I waited. Then she said, "Alan, you are going to be like my spiritual leader, but you will have a much larger following."
In 2010, early on my path as a professional healer, I received an email from the assistants to a rising spiritual leader in India, Aparna Nevatia -- who told me their spiritual leader 'needed me to do a healing session with her'. How did these people find me? I had a dinky website, was not on any social media, had only one cancer miracle, had not been on TV....... nothing. I did the remote healing and Aparna's reps sent an email saying Aparna had an intense experience during the session, and they wanted me to explain what I was doing and why she had such an intense experience. I explained that like most spiritual leaders, Aparna is possessed by demons because of dark deeds she committed in past incarnations -- and that she needs exorcism level sessions to release the entities and be free of the past. I suggested a 2nd session and the reps agreed. After the 2nd session, the reps did not reply to my emails, so I assumed the session was equally intense, and either Aparna and/or the reps were freaked out by the work I was doing. This is Aparna's website:
I've worked with about a dozen clients in India over the years, 4 just this past year -- which is curious, because aside from a few FB posts, I don't promote my work -- and the clients in India do not know each other -- so why are people in India contacting me for healing? One of them said, "I feel you are bringing my spiritual teacher to me.... Sai Baba." Spirit tells me the clients in India were all royalty in past lives -- with one, a woman named Tushar, I tested it by looking at a list of about a hundred queens of India, and my finger pointed to 'Rani of Jhansi'. When I brought the subject up with Tushar, she instantly replied, "Well I have always resonated with Rani of Jhansi."
I've given readings for nearly a decade, and I've never received messages about Hindu gods, until just recently, February '21. In one week, I worked with 3 clients who appear to be living embodiments of Shiva, Vishnu & Ganesh:
* A young man from Nepal, currently a university student in Pittsburgh, was referred to me by a colleague in Washington, D.C. He informed me that his sushumna & idi are fractured -- and that one of his important incarnations was Plato. I said I was getting a 'yes', and that he's not the only one, I've met another person who was Plato. Then he told me he's been told twice by psychics that he is Lord Shiva. I got a strong YES, acknowledged it, and told him I am a Krishna.
* I told a client in Miami that I was seeing an image of her involved with Gandhi and the freedom movement in India. She meditated for a moment and said, "I see me setting myself on fire." She then explained why she & others did this -- that it was effective in getting the British to leave India -- and it sounded as if she was channeling the person she was in that life. I then asked if she felt any connection with a Hindu god, and she said, "The only other time I received a shamanic healing, after the entities were released, I saw a clear image of myself as the goddess Vishnu."
* During a healing session with another client in Miami, who was recovering from surgery, Spirit said, "Another Hindu god." When I brought up the subject, the client said, "I don't know anything about Hindu gods, except I've always been drawn to Ganesha, and the elephant has always been my favorite animal." Then she got her Ganesha statue -- the only god statue in her home -- and I asked her to hold the statue and meditate. 5 minutes passed, and she said, "Yes, I do feel I am a living embodiment of Ganesha."
Two weeks later, Spirit told me a client in New Jersey is also a living embodiment of Krishna, like me. When I told him, he laughed loudly and told me he once went to a costume event as Krishna -- and he sent me a pic of himself, his body painted blue, wearing Krishna attire.
A movement modality that involves dance, yoga, mudras & energy healing is being downloaded into me by Spirit, and it looks quite similar to the Hindu devotional dances of the Indian culture. I was not taught this 'yoga dance' -- it simply began 'coming through me' at age 57. I am 61 and the dance has become more complex than you will see in these video clips, which were shot in March '20. I've had dozens of 'miracle' successes as a healer, with multiple forms of cancer, paralysis, lung disease, brain injury, etc. -- and the movement modality is part of the way I heal people. I showed the clips to Kolkata-based sacred dancer Supratim Taldukter, who replied, 'Amazing!' and has invited me to collaborate and perform with him.
Kirtan artists are drawn to me, or feel me in the audience, and audience members feel me; people bow to me and I bow back -- more than most people are bowing to each other -- it's as if people recognize me, so they acknowledge my presence. Sometimes the connection goes further; here are 2 examples:
I facilitated a healing ceremony at an intentional community in Eugene, Oregon in 2012. I did not know a lovely couple in attendance, Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda, and afterward learned they are brilliant kirtan artists who tour the West Coast. So I attended a concert in Berkeley, CA, 18 months later. When they saw me their eyes popped, and Jaya Lakshmi told me the day before she had been thinking about 'that healer in Oregon' and had mentioned it to Ananda -- so she had anticipated my presence at the concert. Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda leading Ganesha Sharanam
I did healing work at BhaktiFest 2010 (Joshua Tree, CA) and was in the middle of an audience of about 800 for Larisa Stowe & Shakti Tribe, one of the most cutting edge kirtan groups in the U.S. I had never seen them, was blown away, and felt a deep connection with Larisa. She felt me in the audience and made direct eye contact with me, so I moved down center in front of the stage. After the performance, she came right to me and squatted on the edge of the stage so we could talk. I told her I felt connected with her, offered her a healing and gave her my card. I got to know Larisa's music on Youtube and was surprised to find she'd written a song about Mother Mary, because Mother Mary is my primary spirit guide. I did not hear from Larisa, but at Burning Man 2011 I was a featured facilitator in the Sacred Spaces Village, and Larisa & her band performed on our mainstage. The power blew out for the entire village about the 3rd song in, so Larisa sat in the middle of the audience, next to me, with her musicians, and did an acoustic 'unplugged' set, very intimate, by candlelight. At one point, she looked at me and asked me what to sing next, and I said, "Bloom" and we sang the Mother Mary song together. The next day I did a private healing for Larisa and she was deeply moved -- among other things, she received visions of Mother Mary during the healing. Two of my favorite Larisa videos:
I was an excellent student in my youth, but not an avid reader. As an adult, I read even fewer books, and hardly any biographies; however, in my early 30s I read Gandhi's autobiography and Autobiography of a Yogi. I completed the first but not the second, which was about Paramahansa Yogananda -- who was so virtuous and pure that I reached a point where I did not want to read about him anymore, because I was already older than he was in the book, and I felt like a total failure in life -- I had not succeeded in the entertainment industry, I was working as a waiter & bartender, I was an alcoholic, food binger & sugar addict. I had tried on & off to stick to a spiritual path, but I was more isolated and self-destructive than healthy and on track with my life. I looked good on the outside but inside I was broken.
I cleaned up my act at 39 and have walked a strong clean high vibe path ever since. I've been a spiritual leader for about 10 years and my following, congregation or community continues to grow. Whether I was Gandhi, Lincoln, Paul the Apostle or none of them, I have received many prophecies that I will 'speak to the masses and heal the masses on a global scale'. I have followed the guidance of Spirit, demonstrated my commitment to the community, and am willing to step up and be of service at whatever level I am called to.
The next installment, 'Io Uyzuy -- A Healing, Dance, Exercise & Yoga Modality for Everyone', is all about the amazing movement modality Spirit is downloading into me to bring to the world.
The 3 installments after that are docuseries proposals about what I have done and am doing in this life, not in past lives or higher realms. 'Urban Exorcist', 'Hybrid Human' and 'The Secret Society of Palm Beach' detail my efforts to step up and take action to heal the people, combat crime & corruption, expose darkness & bring justice, liberate & empower people, and make the world a better place.


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