Creator Gods, Illuminati & Reincarnation -- Part 2: Royalty, Emperors, Conquerors, Pharaohs, Presidents & Prime Ministers

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Spirit told me years ago that I was King Henry VIII of England, but I didn't really feel it or believe it. Then Spirit introduced me to several of my wives from that lifetime. Here are 3 accounts:
* I was giving messages to a group at the Metaphysical Chapel in Fort Lauderdale, and told them Spirit brings a lot of people to me who have been powerful/famous in past lives, and that might include people in this group. A woman raised her hand, and said, "I've been told the same thing twice, by two different psychics -- that I was the 6th wife of King Henry VIII." My body instantly jerked as if struck by lightning, and everyone looked at me, like "What's with you?", so I explained to the woman and to the group that I might have been Henry VIII.
* While giving readings to a family, Spirit told me the 10-year-old daughter had been one of Henry's wives. I wondered if the child understood the concept of reincarnation, and she turned out to be very smart and very cool, and totally went with the idea that we might have been married a few hundred years ago in another country. Then Spirit said, "When you were the queen of England you looked very much as you do now -- fair skin, blond hair & blue eyes -- and you loved to wear red velvet." Spirit also said she was one of the two wives who was beheaded. I knew very little about Henry VIII or his wives, so after the session I looked online, and figured out the girl was the 5th wife, Catherine Howard -- because I found images from the TV miniseries 'The Tudors' and the pics of Catherine Howard were a perfect match for Spirit's description. I sent the pics to the girl's mother, and at the same moment she sent me pics of her daughter dressed for a costume party as 'Apple Red', looking exactly like the images I sent her -- red dress, blond hair, tiara -- and we both said, "You can't make this shit up."
* I told a client she had been Fanny Brice, the comedian star of the Ziegfeld Follies in the 1920s. Interesting point, the client had been a standup comic in New York for years. As she took in the message, her innate psychic abilities kicked in, and she said, "Why am I feeling so sad?" Then she began crying and said, "Oh no, I murdered someone in that life." Then Spirit said she was another of Henry VIII's wives, but I was not getting a name or any more info, so I told her. She considered for a moment, then said, "No, I was more like a sister to you." Spirit insisted she was one of my wives, so the client looked online and said, "HA! We're both right -- I was Anne of Cleves, and after our marriage was annulled, you gave me a generous settlement and I was known as 'the king's beloved sister'!"
A colleague in Jacksonville, Florida, without having met me in person, invited me to work with 10 of her clients. The first time we met, as I approached her door, Spirit said, "Queen Hagatha of England, 11th century A.D." -- so I told her, and she instantly received a message from Spirit -- "Oh no, they're telling me I had a lot of people's heads cut off." I said, "Oh no, I was Henry VIII -- we're a pair of head-cutter-offers, that's awful." Then we laughed and she got online and quickly found it -- Queen Agatha of England, 1037 A.D. We've become dear friends & colleagues since then, and about a year ago, Spirit showed signs that she had also been royalty in China several times -- she was blown away when I gave her that message, because she had received it from another psychic long before meeting me, and had 'put it on the back shelf' until I brought it up again. Then Spirit showed me she was also Alexandra of Denmark, Queen of the United Kingdom, great grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II.
I was with a client in Austin, Texas, and saw her as Queen Elizabeth the 1st. So I said, "I think you may have been a queen of England." She said, "Oh yes, I know -- I just don't know which one." I said, "Queen Elizabeth the 1st", and she calmly replied, "OK, thank you" and we moved on to another topic.
On one East Coast tour, I worked with 5 clients, all women, who appeared to have been royalty in Ireland from the same family and time period. The first woman I gave this reading to, in Jacksonville, grabbed her phone and showed me a photo of the castle in Ireland -- she already knew and had found the castle. Spirit lined up this client first, so that I would receive the confirmation from her and trust the pattern as it unfolded. Here's another synchronicity, pattern or piece of 'the weave' -- Three of the women were in the Washington D.C. area, and they were all dealing with chronic severe skin conditions. The Irish royalty message resonated with the other clients and we have a very small FB group called Sisters in Ireland.
I did a sound healing event in Atlanta, and the two people who produced the event experienced an unusual level of friction with each other during the planning, so much so that it felt like they were recreating a dynamic from a past life together. After the event I met with them separately. First, I sat with the woman, and saw an image of Queen Elizabeth at her coronation in 1953. Spirit said this woman is an alter of Queen Elizabeth. When I told her, she calmly nodded her head -- the message resonated with her. Then I met with the man and told him about my reading for the woman. Then I began seeing him as Queen Elizabeth's father, King George VI. When I told him this, his face & voice changed, and he began speaking in a manner befitting royalty. Then he snapped out of it, and we talked about it, and he agreed that there's a connection between him and King George VI and the woman and Queen Elizabeth.
I told a healer in Lakeland Florida about her prominent lifetimes in the medieval ages, and that I was seeing images of her as royalty, and wielding a broadsword. She said she already knew about these lives, then showed me a large coffee table book -- portraits of famous women with broadswords. Then she went into another room and returned with a full scale real broadsword.
I've given perhaps a hundred clients & colleagues readings about their past lives as pharaohs, queens or royal family in Egypt. I am often not the first reader to tell people about their lives in Egypt, and sometimes they tell me before I tell them. Here are 4 examples: * I facilitated a healing circle in the offices of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in Guerneville, California. The office manager invited her best friend; they're both healers. After the healing, the women shared the exact same thing -- they had both seen themselves sitting on a throne in Egypt, wearing a lot of gold, and both saw a clear image of a gold headband with a gold asp snake on it.
* A healer in Miami, without me 'going into all this', told me he was King Tut -- and my spirit guides said yes.
* On one of my East Coast tours, a woman who was producing an event for me in the Hudson Valley, NY, informed me in an email that she was Queen Hatshepsut, 2nd female pharaoh of Egypt, and shared details from her life as a pharaoh. She had not met me, nor had I told her that I'm working with hundreds of lightworkers who fit this profile -- she just felt she had to share this with me.
* The 4th account is a bit different. As I approached the home of a client for the first time, Spirit said, "You are about to go to Egypt." The interior of the woman's home was filled with art & artifacts from Africa & Asia, including some pieces with an Egyptian motif. Then her 2 'house cats' strolled into the room -- leopards bred down to the size of house cats -- quite rare and something I had never seen. During the reading, I told the client she is a living embodiment of Queen Nefertiti of Egypt. If you search 'Nefertiti and leopards', there are several paintings of Nefertiti with leopards.
I told a client he had been the emperor of Rome; he laughed and said, "I know -- my business partner and I argue about which one of us was the Emperor and which was the Grand Vizier, the 2nd in command."
During a healing session with a woman in Mumbai, India, Spirit sang the words "Queen of India" through my voice. Later, I felt guided to search "Queens of India" online, and a list of 100+ queens popped up and images of dozens of queens from different regions of India throughout history. My finger pointed to only one image, Rani of Jhansi. I contacted the client, reminded her of the 'musical message' from her session, and suggested she might have been a queen of India. She paused and then said, "Well I have always felt connected to Rani of Jhansi".
I told a client "I'm seeing images of you as royalty in Europe & Egypt" and the client said, "I know. I was also King of Sparta, right?" and I got a 'yes'. Then I figured out he was the wicked King John of England in the medieval ages. When I told him, he said, "Oh no, I call myself King John" -- because his name is Jonathan. Then I said, "Now I'm seeing you as a Hollywood movie star" and he instantly replied, "I was probably Humphrey Bogart" and my hand shot up in the air, which is one way Spirit says 'yes' with my body.
A client with severe scoliosis said, "I was Attila the Hun. I have a lot of blood on my hands. That's why my spine is twisted and I can hardly walk."
I asked a client, who is also a healer & psychic, to look at the first half of the 20th century and tell me who or where she was. She meditated for a moment and then said, "Wow, I was the Prime Minister of a country in Africa." Then I told her that I was seeing her involved in the U.S. Civil War, and then I saw the capital building in Washington D.C. She meditated for a moment and then said, "Oh my god, I was the Vice President to Abraham Lincoln!" I said, "Wow, thank you for being my vice president" and we smiled at each other -- because this woman is far more than a client; she's a dear friend who I've lived with on & off during my East Coast tours, and she is one of my 'go to' psychic colleagues -- so the idea that she was my 'right hand man' during the Civil War makes sense to me.
A healer/psychic colleague who knows about this aspect of my work recently informed me that a healer who was in our last big sound healing concert in New York was President Andrew Jackson.
I told a colleague that she is currently, in another dimension, a queen of the Anunnaki ET empire. She said, "Just the other day I told a friend that I'm quite sure I am a queen of an extraterrestrial race, I just did not know which one -- and now I do, so thank you!"


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