Creator Gods, Illuminati & Reincarnation -- Part 3: Hollywood, Broadway, Authors, Singers & Composers

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I gave a reading to a fellow psychic & healer. When I told him I was seeing him as a movie star in Hollywood, he said, "I know. I was a man, and I was white, but I don't know who I was." I saw a clear image of Douglas Fairbanks, the original Hollywood movie star. Then he said, "I know I went to Paris, but I don't know what that means." My jaw dropped because I knew exactly what it meant. When Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford got married, they went to London & Paris for their honeymoon. Film was new, and they were the first two big movie stars, so they were the most famous people in the world, and big crowds showed up everywhere they went. I have a BFA in theater & film, and I remember watching old 'Movietone' reels of their honeymoon when I was in college. So I told my colleague he was Douglas Fairbanks, and I explained the Paris part, and he said, "Yup, that's who I was."
This colleague is also a king from the galaxy of Mu. I have not researched Mu, but Spirit tells me Mu is or was the first galaxy 'we' inhabited in this universe, and that it's a water world of dolphins & whales & sea creatures. I told him I saw him on a throne, wearing a crown, but all in a water world motif. He said he could see the crown on his head and the reading resonated with him. I share this because there's a synchronicity here -- him being a king of the first galaxy in this universe, and then incarnating as the first movie star in Hollywood.
These 3 are famous Hollywood deaths:
* I did a healing event at a center in New York state called the Sanctuary at the Barn. Spirit said all 20 participants fit the 'creator god' profile, so I gave them the basic explanation, and told a few specifically that they had been royalty, Nazis, Hollywood, etc. During the sound & energy healing, a woman continually arched her head & neck back and contorted her face in pain. I felt she was presencing past life trauma to be processed and released. At the end of the event, I told her Spirit was indicating that she'd been a young Hollywood actress, and that her life ended tragically, and this is what she was dealing with during the healing. A week later, she sent me a link to a Wiki article about Elizabeth Short, 'The Black Dahlia', a 22 year old actress who was murdered in 1947 in what became one of the most publicized homicides in the history of Hollywood, because of the gruesome nature of the killing. Along with the link was a note from the client -- "I'm pretty sure this was me."
* The night before a session, Spirit said, "Just like Sharon Tate." Sharon Tate was the actress who was killed in the 'Manson Family' cult murders, one of the most publicized homicides in Hollywood history. The client looked like Sharon Tate; she was a 'blond bombshell'. When I brought up Sharon Tate, her face changed. I asked if she knew when Sharon Tate died, and she said, "Nine months before I was born." She knew there was a connection and I was confirming it. As we looked closer, I understood why Spirit used the words "Just like" -- because there were several unusual matches between Sharon Tate's life & this woman's. Sharon Tate was pregnant, and as part of the satanic ritual, they cut the baby out of her body. This woman had a Caesarean or 'C-section' to give birth to her son. Spirit told me to ask the client if her she had breast implants, and she said, "Yes, and I think there's a problem with them." Spirit made my eyes fill with tears, to confirm her fears. Sharon Tate was best known for her performance in Valley of the Dolls, in which she portrayed an actress who commits suicide rather than face a mastectomy after learning she has breast cancer.
* I told a colleague that she had been Natalie Wood, the movie star who mysteriously fell off a boat and died. There have always been rumors about this 'accident', making it yet another of Hollywood's most famous deaths. My colleague is also a channel who gives readings, and she said the message resonated with her -- and that she had always been drawn to the word 'wood' and had created two business plans and used 'wood' in the name of both, i.e. 'Ravenwood'.
I told a client she had been a Hollywood movie star, but I was not getting a name or image. Spirit suggested she look online and find herself. A week later, the client sent me the names of 5 female movie stars, to see if I got any messages from Spirit. My finger pointed to the name Rosalind Russell, and when I told her, she said she already was quite clear that's who she had been, and she only gave me the other 4 names to see if I would get the same answer.
I told a client in Baltimore she had beenJosephine Baker. She stood up, walked across the room and picked up a big coffee table book. She said, "This is the only coffee table book in my home, and I've always wondered why I own this book." She flipped the book to show me the cover -- it was a biography of Josephine Baker.
I told another client in Baltimore she had been Hedda Hopper, the most influential gossip columnist in Hollywood history. The young woman did not recognize the name but she got spirit chills. Later, after researching online, she contacted me to tell me there were some rather uncanny similarities between Hedda and herself and the reading felt accurate.
A couple hired me for a psychic coaching session, primarily for their business enterprises. They were also open to whatever other readings Spirit wanted me to give them. I thought I was going out on a limb when I told the man he might have been a famous actor in Hollywood and London, and the man said, "I think I was John Barrymore", and my body registered a 'yes'.
I met the 3 big gangster movie stars from the '30s all within a year:
* I told a colleague she had been James Cagney and it resonated with her. This woman is one of the best investigative psychics I work with.
* During a healing session, a client spontaneously began channeling Edward G. Robinson's distinct and easily recognizable voice.
* I told the client, "Now I'm seeing you as a Hollywood movie star" and he instantly replied, "I was probably Humphrey Bogart" and my hand shot up in the air, a big 'yes'.
Here are 3 stars of Vaudeville & Broadway:
* I told a colleague she had been Ethel Merman, the most legendary belter in the history of Broadway. She said she had also been in musical theater, and the reading totally resonated with her.
* I told a colleague she had been in Vaudeville. She said, "Was I a black woman?" I got a YES. She said, "Was I Aida Overton Walker?" and I got an even stronger YES. My colleague had just been researching the performer online, and feeling the connection.
* I told a client she had been Fanny Brice, the comedian star of the Ziegfeld Follies in the 1920s. The client had been a standup comic in New York for years. As she took in the message, her innate psychic abilities kicked in, and she said, "Why am I feeling so sad?" Then she began crying and said, "Oh no, I murdered someone in that life."
Prior to her session, I saw images of a client in the jungle in Africa, surrounded by gorillas. When I told the client, she said, "That's totally me. I'd rather live in the jungle with the chimps & gorillas than the city. I've told my friends and they make jokes about me & the chimps." Then I saw images of the film 'Out of Africa', and realized the client had been Danish author Karen Blixen (pen name Isak Dinesen), who wrote the book the film is based on. After her session, I sent a pic & link for Karen Blixen, and she said she got Spirit chills and it resonated with her.
These 3 are connected:
* A fellow healer told me he was Mozart & a client told me she was Beethoven. These two people live a half mile away from each other in New York, do not know each other, and they both work in music & theater. The healer was told by two readers that he was Mozart, and the client 'just knows' she was Beethoven -- she even looks a bit like Beethoven.
* I've been 'Mozart's house guest several times, so I've gotten to know his flatmate, a young actress. I realized she was Karen Carpenter, the '70s pop singer, at the same time that Spirit provided two signs -- Mozart was playing The Carpenters on the stereo, and the young actress displayed signs of an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, which Karen Carpenter suffered from, which led to her death at 32 from heart failure. I told Mozart what I was getting about his flatmate, and he 'tapped in' and agreed. The young actress did not know who Karen Carpenter was, so Mozart played some of Karen's songs for her, and I explained the 'creator god' theory. Then I addressed the anorexia issue, and the young woman admitted that she was indeed struggling with the condition.
* I was scheduled to stay in Mozart's apartment, and for a week before my arrival, I could not get Madonna's 'Vogue' out of my head, and it was driving me crazy because I could only recall a couple of lines -- Grace Kelly, Harlow Jean, picture of a beauty queen. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers danced on air. They had style, they had grace, Rita Hayworth gave good face." I kept thinking, "If I sing 'Rita Hayworth gave good face' one more time, I'm going to scream!" So I walk into Mozart's apartment, and there's a singer sitting there, who I have not seen since she appeared in one of our sound healing concerts a few years ago. We greet each other, and instantly my eyes close and I see her as a 1940s movie star, so I tell her what I'm seeing, and she says, "Who was I Alan?" I say, "Gimme a second, I just walked in the door." She laughs and says, "C'mon Alan -- was I Rita Hayworth?" I said, "Oh my god, now I know why Madonna's 'Vogue' has been stuck in my head all week!" We all laughed, and Mozart got online, searched pics of Rita Hayworth, and said, "Look -- at the right angle, there IS a resemblance".
More movie star readings that have resonated with clients: Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Betty Grable, Gary Cooper, Orson Welles.
Later in this series, I will post a document titled 'Celebrity Appearances in my Cosmic TV Series' which is relevant to this one. Here are the opening statements from that document:
I believe Earth is like the plotlines of The Hunger Games, The Truman Show, Under The Dome, etc -- we're on TV being watched by a massive intergalactic audience. Earth is a huge TV network with tons of programming. I must be one of the stars of a very popular show, because a lot of famous people have made cameo appearances in the episodes of my life -- or my TV series.
A renowned New York medium, Alexander Murray, held Tuesday night groups in his Manhattan home for decades. The first time I attended, in the late '90s, when Alex got to me he said, "All the Hollywood movie stars who have passed to the other side are swirling around you. I have never seen anything like it -- and I've had lots of actors in my groups."
The documentation about my encounters with famous people in this lifetime supports this documentation -- there's clearly a connection and more to be explored.


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